He also visited Egypt and returned to Medina passing through Palestine and from there went
to Mecca to perform the Hajj rites. Since he was indisposed many people of high status were
not in favour of his further travels but when he regained his health he went to Aden and again
returned to Mecca to participate in Hajj ceremony. He became grand restless. He remained for
two weeks in Medina and the other places of his grand ancestors. He remained for two weeks
in Medina and after Friday Prayers paid a farewell visit to the tombs of high spiritual leaders
and his grandsires with rears flowing from his eyes and heart yearning, kissed the last resting
place of Khatoon‐e‐Jannat (Lady of Heaven) and with heavy heart bidding goodbye returned to
the land of his nativity.
From Bombay, travelling via Ajmer he reached Deva Shareef in 1266 Hijrah (1853 A.D.) and
ennobled the name of Deva Shareef by his deeds of humanity and bounties of spiritual favour.
If is narrated he remained in the house of Daim Ali Shah attendant of Hazrat Haji Syed Qadeem
Ali Shah Sahib. It is also narrated he remained for some time in the house of Lady Rajan.
In short, our Saint spent fourteen years completely, travelling to the Holy shrine of Kaaba and
performed seven or according to tradition eleven Hajj. But other compilers of his biography
are not unanimous about the number of Hajj he performed. However it is not a case to debate
over a mere number but what is more important and significant is the devotional spirit, purity
of heart with which it is performed rather than the mere display adding the appellation of Haji
with one’s name.
It is also narrated that Daim Ali Shah Sahib who was his host at this time told our Saint’s
special devotees that he was likely to undertake another foreign travel. The news caused
consternation and dismay. In a body they went and told him they would not like to see him
travelling alone and would accompany him with their ladies and children, prepared to face any
sufferings either acute starvation or thirst. He said he was reluctant to cause unnecessary
suffering to ladies and children and further promised to confine his travels within the Indian