Ya Waris

A few compilers of our Saint’s biography have written some interesting events about his
European sojourn. Accompanied by Muhammad Arif our Saint left Iran for European travel
passed through Germany where, on a few Christians he bestowed spiritual and favours.
Consequently they became ascetics and devotees of Divine Love and settled on mountains.
The fact about his European travel can be gleaned from his talks to justice Syed Sharaf‐ud‐
Deen Warisi, a resident of Patna who reported to him his European travels particularly
Germany. Sarkar Waris asked him whether he visited a certain town named by him and he
replied that he had visited it. Then Sarkar Waris said he also visited the same town and halted
for three days in the town of a priest named Morrison and praised the good behaviour of the
people of that place.

Once, Sarkar Waris along with his retinue boarded a train at Bara‐Banki Railway Station. There
was already an European gentleman of high rank sitting in the compartment. He was asked by
our Saint’s people, if he felt inconvenient he may shift to another compartment to which his
luggage would be transferred. He conceded to their request and left the compartment. When
the train started our Saint asked in a surly tone why the European gentleman was sent to the
other compartment when he had previously occupied it. They admitted their folly and when
the train halted at Safdarganji Station he told them to request the gentleman to come back to
his compartment. When he came there Sarkar Waris treated him kindly offering fruits and a
woollen lower garment i.e., a tahband; enquired about his native place to which the European
gave the name of the town situated in Germany. He asked him whether he knew a certain
gentleman mentioning the name and the European said that the person in question was his
grand father, who passed away from this world two years back. He further mentioned that he
was always sleeping on the bare ground and engrossed reading a book. Then our Saint said
that the gentleman’s grand father was his close friend and attended to his needs and comfort
when he was his guest in Germany.
From the above incident not only the sterling qualities of our Saint are seen but also the
devotion of the people of these places paying a tribute to his spiritual attainment

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