The Life of Imam Hasan AlahisSalam part-6

img-20210923-wa00034050833971405295375.jpgAt the Time of the two Caliphs part 1

Some Events Happen like

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  2. Imam Ali’s House is attacked: ([1] Al‐Tabrasi, al‐Ihtijaj, pp. 43‐44. Other writers have mentioned it.[2] Abu al‐Fida’, Tarikh, vol. 1, p. 156. Al‐Imama wa al‐Siyasa, vol. 1, pp. 12‐13. Ibn
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  3. Fadak is confiscated :(‐Was Hazrat Fatima AlahisSalam  truthful in her case of the Faddak?
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    ‐Why did Abu Bakr not give Fadak to her while he came to know that she was truthful?
    Ibn Abi al‐Haddeed said: “He (Ali bin al‐Fariqi) smiled, and then said: ‘A nice, approved speech in
    respect of his law, his sacredness, and his little joking.’ He said: ‘If he had given her Fadak as soon
    as she demanded him, she would have come to him. She would have claimed the caliphate for her husband, and removed him from his position. )
  4. Hazrat Abu Bakr regrets :(Kanz al‐‘Ummal, vol. 3, p. 135. Al‐Tabari, vol. 4, p. 52.  [1] Al‐Imama wa al‐Siyasa, vol. 1, p. 14. A’lam al‐Nisa’, vol. 3, p. 1214. Imam Ali, vol. 1, p. 217.
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Viewpoints of some Sahaba on event at Saqifa

Salman al‐Farisi
Salman al‐Farisi, the pious son of Islam and source of piety and righteousness, hurried to rebuke
the people and to protest against them. He argued with Abu Bakr, saying to him: “O Abu Bakr, to
whom will you entrust your affair when that which you do not know befalls you? To whom will
[1] Al‐Riyad al‐Nadira, vol. 1, p. 139. Ibn Abi al‐Haddeed, Sharh Nahjj al‐Balagha, vol. 2, p. 17. Al‐
Khawarizmi, Maqtal al‐Husayn, vol. 1, p. 93. Al‐Manaqib, vol. 2, p. 172. In the book al‐Isaba, vol. 2,
p. 15, it has been mentioned: “This argument issued from Imam al‐Husayn.” In the book al‐
Sawa‘iq al‐Muhriqa, p. 105, it has been mentioned: “Al‐Hasan said these words to Abu Bakr, and
that happened to al‐Husayn with Umar bin al‐Khattab.”
resort when you are asked about something you do not know? What is your excuse? That is
because there is someone who is more learned than you are, nearer to Allah’s Apostle (a.s), more
knowledgeable in interpreting the Book of Allah, the Great and Almighty, and the Sunna of His
Prophet. He is the one to whom the Prophet gave precedence during his lifetime, and whom he
asked you to cling to at his death. But you have neglected his statement, forgotten his
commandments, left behind you the promise, broken the covenant, and abrogated the agreement
he had concluded with you in respect of walking behind the standard of Usama bin Zayd.”Ammar Bin Yasir
Ammar Bin Yasir began arguing with the people, saying to them: “O community of Quraysh, and O
communities of the Muslims! If you have come to know; otherwise, you should know that the
household of your Prophet are more appropriate for him, more entitled to inherit him, more
righteous in the affairs of the religion, safer to the believers, more keeping to his creed, and
sincerer to his community (than you are). Therefore, ask your leader (Abu Bakr) to return the right
to its men before your cord becomes disordered, your affair becomes weak, your dissension
appears, the affliction among you becomes greater, you differ with each other, and your enemy
craves after you. You have come to know that the Hashimites are more appropriate for this affair
than you are;
Ali is nearer to your Prophet than you are. He is among them and is your master in respect of the
covenant of Allah and of His Apostle. You have come to know about the manifest difference for a
condition after a condition. That was when the Prophet (a.s) closed all your doors facing the
Mosque except his (Ali) door. He preferred him through marrying him to his daughter Fatima to
the rest of those from among you who proposed to her. These words of him (a.s): ‘I am the City of
knowledge, and Ali is its gate; and whoever seeks wisdom, let him come to it through its gate.’
You all are required to consult him in regard with the difficult affairs of your religion, while he is in
no need of you all. Moreover he has excellent precedence the like of which the best one of you
does not have. So why have you turned away from him, usurped his right, preferred the life in this
world to the next? Evil is (this) change for the unjust. Give him what Allah has appointed for him.
Do not turn away from him. And turn not on your backs for then you will turn back losers.”[2]
[1] Al‐Tabrasi, al‐Ihtijaj, pp. 42‐43.
[2] Al‐Tabrasi, al‐Ihtijaj p. 43. 

 Khuzayma Bin Thabit
Khuzayma Bin Thabit, a great companion of the Prophet, has said: “O People, did you not know
that the Prophet (a.s) had accepted my witness alone and wanted no other witness with me?”
Yes,” they replied. He said: “I bear witness that I have heard Allah’s Apostle (a.s) say: ‘My
household distinguish between the truth and the falsehood; and they are the Imams who should
be followed.’ I have said what I have known. Nothing is (incumbent) on the Apostle only a clear
Abul Haythem bin al‐Tayhan
Abul Haythem bin al‐Tayhan, a great companion of the Prophet, has said: “And I bear witness for
our Prophet (a.s) that he installed Ali (as an Imam) on the Day of Ghadir Khum. So the Ansar said:
‘He (the Prophet) installed him (for nothing) except for the caliphate.’ Some of them said: ‘He
installed him for nothing except for that the people had to know that he was the master of those
whose master was Allah’s Apostle (a.s).’ There was a lot of discussion about that; so, we sent
some men from among us to Allah’s Apostle (a.s) to ask him about that. He said: ‘Say to them: Ali
is the master of the believers after me and the most loyal of the people to my community.’ I have
borne witness to that which came to my mind. So let him who please believe, and let him who
please disbelieve. Surely the day of decision is (a day) appointed.
Sahl bin Hunayf
Sahl Bin Hunayf praised Allah and lauded him, called down blessings upon the Prophet and his
family. Then he said: “O Community of Quraysh, I bear witness that I saw Allah’s Apostle (a.s) in
this place (the Mosque of the Prophet) taking Ali bin Abi Talib (a.s) by the hand. I heard him say to
him: ‘O people, this Ali is your Imam (leader) after me. He is my gurdian during my lifetime and
after my death. He settles my debts, fulfills my promises and will be the first to shake hand with
me by the Pool. Blessed is he who follows and supports him. Woe unto him who lags behind and
deserts him.”
Uthman bin Hunayf
Uthman bin Hunayf rose and said: “We have heard Allah’s Apostle (a.s) say: ‘My household are
the stars of the earth; therefore, do not go ahead of them, for they are the rulers after me.’ A man
rose for him and said: ‘O Allah’s Apostle, Who are your household?’ ‘Ali and his pure children,’
replied the Prophet.”
Abu Ayyub al‐Ansari
Abu Ayyub al‐Ansari has said: “O servants of Allah, fear Allah in respect of the household of your
Prophet, return to them their right that Allah had appointed to them. You have heard just as our
brothers have heard that our Prophet (a.s) said in different gatherings: ‘My household are your
Imams after me.’ He indicated with his hand to Ali. Then he said: ‘This is the Commander of the
pious and killer of the unbelievers. Whoever deserts him is deserted; whoever supports him is
supported. Therefore, turn to Allah in repentance because of your deeds, most surely Allah is the
Most Forgiving, Merciful. Do not turn away from him, turning back’.”[1]
Utba bin Abi Lahab
While Utba bin Abi Lahab was shedding tears, he rose and recited:
I did not think that the authority would be turned away from Hashim, and then from Abu al‐
From the first of the people in faith, precedence, and the most learned of the people in the Qur’an
and the Sunna.
The last of the people in making covenant with the Prophet, and whom Gabriel helped to wash
and shroud (the Prophet),
Who has that which they do not doubt, and the people do not have the good he has.[2]
The great, trustworthy Muslims have mentioned other strong arguments concerning the right of
Imam Ali (a.s). However, the people paid no attention to that and insisted on turning the caliphate
away from the Prophet’s Household, peace be on them

Imam Hasan said to Hazrat Abu Bakr: “Get down! Get down from
the pulpit of my (grand) father! Go to your father’s pulpit!”
Hazrat Abu Bakr  said to him softly: “By
Allah, you are truthful! Most surely it is your father’s pulpit, not my father’s pulpit!”[1]

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