According to Abu Hurayra :

“The Companions said: ‘O Messenger of Allah , when
Prophethood was made incumbent upon you?’ He said: ‘When
Adam was in between (the stage of blending up of) the spirit
and the body.’”
Reported by al-Tirmidhi, al-Hakim. Al-Timidhi said: ‘This is
a fine authentic tradition.’ And Haythami said: ‘It is reported by Ahmad
and al-Tabarani and its narrators are reliable.’
In one report; According to Maysara al-Fajr : “I said to
Allah’s Messenger : ‘When did you become a Prophet?’ He
said: ‘(I was a Prophet even) when the creation of Adam
was in the phase of the spirit and the body!’”
Reported by al-Hakim, al-Tabarani and al-Bukhari in al￾Kabir. According to al-Hakim; ‘This is tradition with an authentic
chain of transmission.’
In another report; Ibn Abbas said: “Someone said: ‘O
Messenger of Allah , when did you become a Prophet?’ He
said: ‘‘(I was a Prophet even) when the creation of Adam
was in the phase of the spirit and the body!’”
Reported by Ahmad and al-Tabarani in his wording, and
reported by Ibn Abi Asim, its chain of transmission is authentic and its
resources are sound and reliable. According to al-Dhahabi: ‘Its chain of
transmission is authentic.’
In another report Ibn Abbas has been reported saying;
“I said: ‘O Messenger of Allah ! When was the covenant (as
apostolate) has been taken from you?’ He said: ‘‘(I was a Prophet
even) when the creation of Adam was in the phase of the
spirit and the body!’”
Reported by al-Tabarani.
According to Abd Allah b. Sahqiq , one of the
Companions said: ‘O Messenger of Allah , when were you
made the Prophet?’ He said: ‘(I was a Prophet even) when the
creation of Adam was in the phase of the spirit and the body!’
Reported by Ahmad, and its resources are reliable.
In another report Umar b. al-Khattab has been
reported as saying: “I submitted: ‘O Messenger of Allah , when
were you made a Prophet?’ He said: ‘(I was a Prophet even)
when Adam was being knead in clay!’”
Reported by Abu Nu’aym as mentioned by al-Suyuti and Ibn
According to one report on the authority of Amir, a man
said to the Prophet : ‘O Allah’s Messenger : When was the
exalted station of Prophethood was conferred upon you?’ He said:
‘The covenant as Prophet was taken from me when Adam was
in the (phase of) spirit and the body.’
Reported by Ibn Sa’d.

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ईद मीलादुन्नबी सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम पर किये गए सवालात और उनके जवाबात सवाल part 4

सवाल 8:- हुजूरे अकदस सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम की पैदाइश का दिन 12 रबीउल अव्वल नहीं है बल्कि 9 रबीउल अव्वल है। लिहाज़ा इस दिन क्यों खुशी नहीं मनाते हैं?

जवाब 8:- हुजूर सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम की पैदाइश की तारीख़ के मुतअल्लिक मुअरिंखीन (historians) की राय मुख्तलिफ़ है, मगर जिस तारीख पर हदीस के बहुत से इमामों और ओलमा-ए-केराम ने इत्तिफाक किया, वो बारह रबीउल अव्वल है। हवाले पेशे खिदमत हैं:

1- हाफ़िज़ इब्ने कसीर (774 हिजरी) फ़रमाते हैं: “इब्ने अब्बास रदियल्लाहु अन्हु इरशाद फ़रमाते हैं कि रसूलुल्लाह

सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम की विलादत आमे फील’, पीर के दिन, माह रबीउल अव्वल की 12 तारीख को हुई।” (अल-बिदाया वन्निहाया, हिस्साः 2, पेजः 282) इसके अलावाः

2- सीरतुन्नबीः इब्ने कसीर, हिस्साः 1, पेजः 143, मतबूआः हाफ़िजी बुक डिपो, देवबन्द 3- सीरतुन्नबीः इब्ने हशाम, हिस्साः 1, पेजः 182, मतबूआः एतिकाद पब्लिकेशंज़ हाउस (नई देहली) 4- मदारिजुन्नुबुव्वा, हिस्साः 2, पेजः 23, मतबूआः अदबी ,

दुनिया (नई देहली) 5- तारीखे इब्ने खुलदून, हिस्साः 1, पेजः 32, मतबूआः मक्तबा फारान, देवबन्द दलाइलुन्नुबुव्वा, हिस्साः 1, पेजः 95 वगैरा वगैरा ।

6- शअबुल ईमान, हिस्साः 2, पेजः 148, मतबूआः इदारा इशाअते इस्लाम, देवबन्द

7- ज़िक्र की गई किताबों में और दूसरी कई किताबों में यही लिखा है कि आका सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम की विलादत पीर के दिन बारह रबीउल अव्वल को हुई। नोट: अगर मुखालिफ़ीन अब भी ज़िद पर हैं कि विलादत 9 रबीउल अव्वल को हुई तो हम कहते हैं आप 9 तारीख को ही ईद मीलादुन्नबी सल्लल्लाहु अलैहि व सल्लम मनाएँ, हमें कोई एतराज़ नहीं।

Tazkira e Imam Hasan Askari AlahisSalam

8 Rabiul Awwal 260 Hijri
Yaume Shahadat

aale Rasool, Alime Ahle Bait, 11 imam, FATAH DAHERIYAT WO MASIHIYAT, mufassire quran,

👉🏻 Imam ali naqi al hadi r.z ky shahzade…

👉🏻 abbasi khulfao ne bar bar apko qaid me rakha.. magar jailer apky husn sulook ko dekh k aap per zulm nai kar pate to badshahane wakat bar bar jailer badal dete…

👉🏻bachapan se karamto ka zahur hone laga tha…

👉🏻imam bukhari, imam muslim apky daur ky ulema hai…

(wakeat khake najaf post me maujod hai)

👉🏻aap mufassire quran bhi rahe magar afsos ky ummat me koi aysi shaksiyat nai rahi jo apki tafseer ko sahi sanad se bayan kre…

👉🏻isk ilawa allah s.w.t ki ata se aap dilo ki bato ko jaan liya krte

👉🏻ummat ko bahot fitno se mahfuz farmaya… jab quran ki tafaaseer galat bayan ki jaane lagi to imam hasan askari a.s ne iska radd farmaya or is andaz me ky kai gumraho nr apky hath pe tawba ki..

👉🏻28 saal ki qalil umar me apko abbasi khulifa ne zaher de kar shahed kar diya….

👉🏻apka mazar samra iraq me imam ali naqi al hadi ky pahlo me hai…

Imam hasan askari ky walid or ustad imam ali naqi a.s hai. ap jis area me kayam kre the us area ka name askar tha isi waja se ap askari laqab se mashhor hoe imam ali naqi ky sath 11 saal apne watan me rahe or fir baad me iraq hijrat kre to imam hasan askari sath me hijrat kre is bech me bar bar hukmorane wakat ne ap ko qaid me rakha ye daur abbasi khulfa ka daur tha.. imam hasan askari a.s ne 4 badshaho ka daur dekha iktedar me rassa kashi ki jang ky dauran badshao ne ye socha ky hamare bech tafrrka ki wajah se kahi log aulade rasool ko hukmoran na bana de usi waja se apko bar bar qaid kiya jata or bhuka rakha jata.. magar apki zohad wo takwe ka alam ye tha ky qaid khane ky darban ko jab ap pe zulm ka hukm diya jata to wo apne kaam ko zada din kr nai pate bar bar badshaho ki tarah darban bhi badalna padta .. imam hasan askari bachpan se hi khaufa khuda rakhne wale the wo kabhi khel kud me nai rahte ksi din el buzorg ne un se pucha ky aap khelte q nai to imam ne farmaya ky ham is chiz k liye paida nai hoe meri ammi jab ghar me khana pakane ky liye aag jalati hai to pahle choti lakdiyo ko jalati hai imam hasan askari ky khaufe khuda ka ye alam bachpane me tha…ek martaba ap ky walid namaz pard re the or itne me imam askari kowe me gir gae or ghar me awaz buland hone lagi magar imam naqi ne namaz se rujo nai kre or imam askari ki bachpan me kramat ye hoi ky paani khud ba khud uncha uchal ky imam askari ko

kowe k uper le aya..imam askari a.s k daur me badi badi ilmi shaksiyat rahi jayse imam bukhari imam muslim wagira..imam hasan askari ka ye kamal sab se numaya hai ky apk daur me FITNAE DAHERIYAT uroj pe tha aap ne

apne ilm wo kamal se is fitne se ummat ko bachaya hai…isk ilawa ek wakea aysa bhi hai ky iraq me kahet saali aa gai or abbasi khulfa namaz istisqa ada kre 3 din tak magar pani nai barsa ek esai rahib ne dua ki to pani baras

pada ab ummate islamiya me fitna failne laga to abbasi khulfa ne imam hasan askari a.s se rujo kra to imam askari ne us rahib k pas jate hi usk hath me se bani israil ky ek nabi ky tabrrukat ko le kar farmaya ab dua kro to

barish nai hoi ab hasan askari a.s ne dua ki to wapas se barish hone lagi.. is esai fitne se bhi ummat ko imam askari ne bachaya.. isky ilawa apk daur me ek shaks ne quran ki ayato ky mafhom ko bigard ke ek kitab likh kar inteshar failana chaha imam hasan askari ne jab ye khabar paai to uski kitab jo abhi likhne k liye matter jama kiya tha uska jawab usi ki ilmi zuban me diya or quran ki sahi tashrih us zamane me awam k samne laae or usko tawba krawae isi waja se apko muaffasire quran bhi kaha gaya..apki kai karamat hai ek wakea U hai ky badshahe wakat ne ek ghorda khareda jo bahot shararti tha..jo bhi us pe sawar hone ki koshish krta wo usko zakhmi kr deta ksi ne badhshae wakat ko kaha ky hasan askari ko is ghorde ki sawari karai jae agr ghoda sanbhal gaya to hamara

faida agr ghoda nai sabhla to hasan askari a.s se jaan chote gi..jab imam hasan askari ko qaid khane se laya gaya or ghoda pesh kiya gaya to us ghode ne apk qadmo me apni gardan jhuka diya.. magar dusro k sath waysa hi shararti behave krta..majbor ho kar badshahe wakat ne wo ghoda imam askari ko de diya.. imam askari allah ki ata se dil ki baat jaan lete hazrat mohammed bin jafar nami shaks se wakea hai ky usk ghar me faka kashi ki naubat aa gai us ne socha ky aulade nabi hasan askari ky ghar ja k sawal krta hu or dil me usk khayal tha ky 500 dirham bhi mile to kaam ho jae ga usk bete ne socha ky mai 3000 dirham liye bagair aao ga nai… ye log imam k ghar k bahar pohche to gulam ne ek thayli jisme 500 dirham the usk walid ko diye or 3000 dirham usk bete ko diye or kaha ky imam hasan askari ne bheja hai…kai log ap se masail puchte ek shaks me kuch masail kafaz pe

bagair siyahi ky unglio ky ishare se apne masail likhe or imam ko rawana kre jab imam tak wo kagaz pohcha to

log bole k isme kuch likha hi nai hai magar imam hasan askari ki nagah ne usk likhe masail ka jawab siyahi se likh diya or farmaya ky main ne to dekh liya per agr mai bhi ishare se likhta to usko dikhai nai deta…isk ilawa ek shaks ne ap se masail puche or latter bhej diya baad me usko khayal aya ky mai sar dard ka ilaj puchne bhul gaya magar jab imam askari ne uska jawab bheja to usme sardard ka ilaj likh ke bheja.. al garz imam hasan askari bahoot badi shaksiyat hai.. apki shahadat badi kam umri me hoi rivayat k mutabiq 28 ya 31 saal me apko abbasi khulifa motamad billah abbasi ne zaher de kar shaheed krwa diya. apka mazar samra city me maujod hai..