Now ews soon spread like wild fire in Mecca that Hussain along with his Ahle-Bait would leave for Iraq very soon.

The Bani Hashim were much concerned and uneasy about the fresh journey, the outcome of which was fraught with danger. Several people came to Husain to request him to desist from such a journey. They even said that if he was determined in his resolve, he should at least leave behind his children and ladies while embarking on a journey so fraught with danger.

Umar bin Abdurrehman bin Haris bin Hisham came to visit Imam Husain and said, “I have come to you with a sincere request and I pray that I may, with all the best wishes, share this request to you. If you consider me to be your well wisher then, I will tell you, otherwise I will maintain silence.

The Imam said, “Make haste brother! Tell me your request, hesitate not! By God I do not consider you to be a deceiver or a traitor nor a selfish person.’

Umar Ibne Abdurrehman said, “I have heard that you are going towards Iraq. I am scared that you may reach such a town where the rulers and their officers may be awaiting your

arrival. All the wealth and treasury will be in their control. People are zealous slaves of wealth. I am apprehensive that the very people who have promised to help you, the people whom you consider to be friends, may not rise up to your expectations. I apprehend they may instead join forces with your enemies.”

Abdullah Ibne Abbas next came to meet Imam Husain and said.

“O son of my unclel People are saying that you intend to go Iraq. Please tell me your programme?”

Husain replied, “I resolve to leave for Iraq in two to three days.”

Ibne Abbas did not support the idea and said, “I will pray to God that He may desist you from this idea. Tell me! Are you going to a place where people have killed their ruler and have turned out their enemies? Are they in control of their towns? If it is like that then you should certainly go! But if their commander is still ruling over them and the people are paying taxes to them, then they are inviting you to fight and quarrel. I am afraid they are telling lies and they will be your adversaries. They will leave you friendless and will come indeed to fight against you and make you weary and tired of life.”

The Imam replied briefly, “I will solicit to God for goodness and welfare and seek the answer from omens (Istakhara). Whatever he wills, will be done.”

When Ibne Abbas came out after meeting Imam Husain he met Ibne Zubair. Inspite of his refusal to pay allegiance to Yazeed, Zubair had not left Mecca.

Ibne Abbas again visited Imam Husain in the evening and repeatedly entreated and requested the Imam.

“O remembrance of my uncle, I try to be patient but I am unable to control myself, I am apprehensive and consider this journey of yours to be precursor of calamity and misfortune. People of Iraq are cunning and deceitful. Why don’t you stay put in this city itself?”

“You are the commander of the people of Hejaz. If the people of Iraq are truthful then write a letter to them saying that they chase away their enemy, then you should go to them.”

But Husain was resolute is his decision. Consequently, Ibne Abbas was compelled to say, “Since you are going, please don’t take your ladies and children along with you. By God, I am afraid that they may murder you like they did Usman. His wives and children were witness to the scene. But Imam Husain did not accept the proposal.

The time of departure of Husain was approaching fast. People were looking at them with affection, but with resignation too.

At last, an attempt to desist him from the impending journey was made by Abdullah Ibne Jafar, the revered husband of Janabe Zainab. He sent a letter to Imam Husain through his sons Aun and Mohammed.

“I entreat you in the name of God, when you read my letter please give up your plan of embarking on this journey. 1 am afraid that this journey may result in your destruction and ruin and bring distress to your family. If you are martyred, then the divine light from the face of this earth will disappear. You are the role model for all Momineen. You are the object of desire of all seekers of righteousness. Please don’t embark on this journey in haste. I intend to follow my letter and meet you soon.

“You are the splendour and the light of the earth and centre of seekers of righteousness and supporter of true believers.”

This is also not conceivable that Abdullah might have thought that before going to meet Husain and having a dialogue with him he should go to meet the governor of Mecca who was Yazeed’s representative. After dispatching the letter, he did go to meet Umroo bin Saeed and consulted him. Abdullah asked Umroo to write a letter to Husain and assure him of security, help and good wishes.

Umroo replied, “You feel free to write whatever you feel like and I will put my seal on the letter.” Abdullah wrote letter on his behalf and the ruler put his seal on it. At that time, Abdullah said, “It will be appropriate if you send this letter through your brother Yahya to Husain so that he may surmise that this effort is from your side.

Umroo accepted this advice and Yahya carried this letter to Husain.

Husain gave a courteous reply to the letter but remained firm in his resolve to continue the journey.

I have relinquished my life in order to follow the divine orders of Allah. I stand resolute in my intentions.”

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