Hazrat Abdullah bint Jaffar Radiallahu anhoo

Abdullah, son of Jafar, husband of Hazrat Zainab was born in Habsha. He was the first Muslim to be born in the land of Habsha. Ibne Hajar in his book Alasabir vol. 3, 49 writes

The Prophet said, “Abdullah resembles me in appearance, disposition and temperament”. Then he held Abdullah’s right hand and said, “God bestow pious children to Abdullah ibne Jafar and grant him good fortune in buying and selling and shower blessing on his business.” He also added that in this world and in the hereafter, he is Abdullah’s friend and guardian.

Abdullah was a lord, a chief, a much honored, revered, abstemious, generous and a sober young man. He was called the prince of munificence. He never let any needy person remain untouched from his beneficence. He never performed a noble deed for the sake of a reward.

Mohammad Bin Serene narrates.

One businessman brought sugar to sell in Medina, but its price had come down in the market. When Abdullah came to know about it he asked his superintendent to buy his sugar at a higher cost and had distributed it amongst the poor.

Abdullah Bin Qais al Waqiyat (poet) writes about him

“When Abdullah Bin Jafar realized that wealth is not permanent or lasting then he decided that he should make his name permanent in this world.

In the same strain Ishmakh, Muaqqil Bin Zarar in his verses states about Abdullah that, “O Abdullah! You are an excellent young man, your house is the best abode for the untimely guest where guests are offered the sumptuous food and best hospitality and welcomed whole heartedly.”

Abdullah was very lavish in his generosity. He did not care whether his merchandise reaches his enemies or his wealth is destroyed. A poet says about him, “If he had nothing else in his hand except his life even that, he would gift to a mendicant or indigent.”

The fruits of this auspicious marriage were four sons: Ali, Mohammad, Aun Akbar and Abbas and two daughters. Abdullah had given the authority of marriage of this daughter to Imam Husain and Imam married her to her cousin Qasim Bin Mohammed bin Jafar.

Zainab’s wedding to Abdullah didn’t result in a physical separation between her father and brothers. Both husband and wife used to live with Hazrat Ali. When Hazrat Ali made Kufa his capital they also shifted to Kufa. Hazrat Ali accorded him great respect and Abdullah used to accompany Hazrat in battles. During the battle of Siffeen, Abdullah was one of the commanders of the army.

Everybody was acquainted with the dignity and prestige which Abdullah enjoyed in the household of the Apostle. Therefore, in times of difficulty in their personal matters they sought Abdullah’s intervention to reach Ameerul Momineen, Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hussain.

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