Research scholars of ways of mystic’s life have classified three stages for giving up tasty and delicious food.

The first stage is that rich food is delectable for carnal ways of life, hence religious Persons of spiritual bent should avoid them. It makes one’s spiritual strength infirm.

The second stage is the desire for tasty food should be eradicated. This involves difficulty and need firm determination.

The third stage is ascetic development of mind which paves the way for giving up delicious food. This effort is rather difficult, hardly surmountable and success in this way enables one to reach the highest state of spirituality.

Our Saint surmounted all urge for the tasty food and felt no difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Once a servant offered a sweet dish to our Saint. He dipped his finger and tasting it said, “The biryani is fine.” From this we can infer that he completely lost the sense of taste of different preparations whether sweet or pungent. This is called a terms of Sufism as “absolute abandonment of taste.”

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