Hayat‐e‐Waris:Sarkar visit to Karbala and Baghdad

Later on Sarkar Waris went to Najaf Shareef and embracing the tomb of Hazrat Ali wept
bitterly. His heart imbibed the blessings and favours of our Prophet’s family. He saw, what he
was longing to behold.

The fact that his heart imbibed the blessings and bounties of the Lord of the Universe is
corroborated by a subsequent event at the time of departure to Iraq in 1312 Hijrah by his
biographers to whom he ordered to search in the valley of As‐salaam in Najaf to bring precious
Najaf pearls for beads and fifty two Mu‐e‐Najaf (The hair of Hazrat Ali) when he brought these
things our Saint said that the “Mu‐e‐Najaf’ was not brought on which the likeness of Hazrat Ali
is visible, holding the sword Zul‐Fiqar (the sword of Hazrat Ali).
The father of the biographer of “Hayat‐e‐ Waris” was often saying that when our Saint
returned to Hijraz, from his hints and suggestions it was evident his spiritual attainments were
accomplished in Najaf, where he learnt the way to surrender to the will of God completely.

At Karbala Sarkar Waris camped in the vicinity where his ancestors became martyrs and learnt
the habit of enduring thirst and hunger.

When his thoughts were charged by the atmosphere of Karbala he reached Baghdad via
Kazimine and Samarah and camped near the shrine of Hazrat Ghous‐e‐Pak for some days.
During the day he visited the tombs of past Sufis and was praying at night in the mosque near
the tomb of Hazrat Ghousul‐Saqlain.

It is reported that he returned to Mecca from Baghdad and participated in the Hajj ceremony
and left for Medina. From there he proceeded to Africa and returned to Medina. Now and then
he was paying a visit to Haleb (Aleppo) and Sham (Syria). During his visit to Hijaz he
performed three or four Hajj, visited Medina and returned by sea to Bombay. From there
passing through Indore, Ujjain, Tonk, Ajmer and Delhi in 1257 Hijra reached Lucknow.
Remaining there for one week he returned to Deva Shareef.
None could recognise him when he entered Deva Shareef wearing a tahband (loose garment
draped over lower body) bare foot and bare head. When he was recognized news spread that
“Mittan Mian” has come back and everyone felt happy.


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