Ya Waris

Sarkar Waris related a humorous incident that occurred during the journey between Mecca
and Medina. He gave a pillion seat to an old Maulvi on his camel. On the way the old man was
constantly reciting in a dead monotone, “Innalla‐ha ma‐us‐sab‐e‐reen.” It is a verse from the
holy Quran to cultivate patience. Our Saint enquired the reason for reciting the verse, to which
he old man indignantly replied, “Young man, what do you know about the benefit of this verse
for a patient person?” Later they had to endure and surmount innumerable trials and troubles
and patiently on the way but due to the extreme heat the old man’s throat was parched beyond
endurance. Moreover to his horror he found his water skin empty. Forgetting the recitation of
the verse he begged around for a cup of water from others but could not quench his thirst as
water was not available anywhere. The frenzied Maulvi nearly exploded when our youthful
Saint very calmly recited, “Innalla‐ha ma‐us‐sab‐e‐reen.” In a fit of anger he burst out in
indecent language about the verse unable to endure this acute thirst. Eventually a cup of cool
water was offered by a person and he vowed in return never to recite a verse unless he was
able to practice it.

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