Addullah ibn Umar did not join Ali to fight the rebels. In fact, he joined Mua’awiya to fight Ali in the battle of Siffin. It is reported that he regretted his action on his deathbed:
Umm Habeeb ibne Abi Sabith (ra) heard Abdullah ibn`Umar say: “I regret that I did not join Ali and fight the rebellious group”. Abi Barr bin Abi Jaham (ra) narrates that he heard Abdullah ibne`Umar say “I never regretted anything in my life other than the fact that I did not fight the rebels”
• al Isti’ab, by Ibn `Abd al-Barr Volume 3 page 337
• Al Nisa al kaffiya page 19
• Ummdatul Qari Sharh Sahih al Bukhari page 349 Volume 11

“Ali’s love is Iman. If someone wishes to maintain his Iman and remain on the Deen he must believe and love ‘Ali and in all situations he must stand with Ali. That is why those who did not stand with ‘Ali regretted that they failed to do so for example Abullah ibne Umar in the final stages of his life said ‘I don’t regret anything as much as the fact that I did not support ‘Ali
(Tabaqat Ibn sad page 187 Volume 4)”
• Mufti Ghulam Rasul al Hanafi in his « Subeh al Sadiq » page 94

Abdullah bin `Umar regretted his fighting alongside Mu’awiya at Sifeen and on his deathbed he said “If only I had died 10 years before Sifeen”, by joining Mu’awiya and fighting ‘Ali he was very embarrassed at time of death and he recited tauba for his sin”
• Al Isti’ab, Volume 2, page 340

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