Waqia of Hazrat Danial AlahisSalam by Hazrat Ali on Request of Hazrat Umar (R.A)

“Hazrat Daniel (A) was an orphan, who had lost his father and mother
both. At that time the ruler was one from Bani Israel and had two Qazis
among his courtiers.
Both of these Qazis used to visit the court of the king accompanied by a
very pious and godly man of the day. Once the king wanted to send a
trustworthy person on an urgent official business outside the dominion of
his empire and requested the two Qazis to help him in selecting of someone
worthy for the purpose.
The Qazis advised the king to entrust the work to the same pious and
godly man who used to visit his court every now and then along with
themselves. Acting on their advice the king sent the pious man with
necessary instructions on the fateful journey. Now per chance the pious man
had a very pretty and beautiful wife who was also pious and godly like her
husband. However, the man while going out of the country gave her in the
care of the aforesaid Qazis, saying: I give her in your care with the will that
you will treat her with virtue and will take care of her daily needs. Then he
set off at his journey.
Thereafter, once the two Qazis happend to go to the house of the pious
man and by chance saw his pretty wife. Seeing her they both madly felt in
love with her. When they expressed their carnal desire the good woman
flatly refused to fall prey to their desire. Thereupon they threatened her to
complain against her to the king and say that she had committed adultery
with the result that she would be stoned to death.
In reply she said: Say whatever you like, but I would not give my consent
to this act of sin.”
Thereupon both the wicked Qazis went to the king and reported to him
that the wife of the pious man whom he had sent on journey had committed
adultery. The king was very much surprised on the report because the
woman had a reputation for piety. He bent his head for a while and then
lifting his head he said to them:
“I believe you and accept your witness but give me three days time for
issuing orders in the matter.”
The king then consulted his Wazir in the matter and said to him:
“I don’t think she is guilty of the act of adultery, what do you say about
The Wazir also on hearing the report, said to the king:
“I am also surprised.”
Then, on the 3rd day the Wazir happened to pass by a lane where some
children were playing, Hazrat Daniel (A) being among them.
Hazrat Daniel (A) said to one of the children:
“Let us stage the drama of the wife of the pious man and the two Qazis,
you play the part of the wife of the pious man and two other of you, the part
of the Qazis.”
He then turned to the two boys and said to them:
“You present the case of this woman to me as the two Qazis have
presented it to the king.”
The king meanwhile had proclaimed with the beating of the drums (as
was the custom those days) that the wife of the pious man had committed adultery and the two Qazis had reported the matter to the king and,
therefore, the woman was going to be stoned to death. Hazrat Daniel (A)
called one of the boys who was playing the part of one of the Qazis and
asked him:
“What do you say in the matter?” He also pointed to a wooden sword
wrapped in a cloth, if you tell a lie I shall behead you with this sword.”
The boy replied:
“Sir, the wife of the pious man has committed adultery and I am a
witness to it”
Hazrat Daniel (A) asked him: “Where and when and on which day and
what time”? The boy answered all the questions of Hazrat Daniel (A). Then,
Hazrat Daniel (A) called the other boy and put the same questions to him,
but his answers were quite contrary to the answers of the other boy.
After hearing the second boy Hazrat Daniel (A) said:
“God is great, you have given false witness in the case.”
He then acquitted the woman honourably and sentenced the boys who
were playing the role of the Qazis to death.
The Wazir who saw this play of the boys and the judgement of Hazrat
Daniel (A) in the play reported the whole thing to the king who decided the
case accordingly.

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