12- We created the human being from a quintessence of clay.
23-The Believers, 12
7- Who made all things He created excellent, and He started the creation of the human being from clay.
32-The Prostration, 7
20- Among His signs is that He created you from dust…
30-The Romans, 20
54- And it is He who created from water a human being,
then has He established relationship of lineage and marriage. Your Lord is Omnipotent.
25-The Distinguisher, 54
According to the Quran, man is created from dust and water.
Sometimes the Quran stresses these elements separately and sometimes in combination. There have been an infinite number of speculations about man’s creation out of clay (the combination made of dust
and water). After the developments in biology and chemistry, analytical studies of clay and the human body were carried out. The result
showed that the constituents of clay and those of the human body fit
exactly. Let us enumerate these constituents: iron, calcium, oxygen,
sodium, potassium, magnesium, hydrogen, chlorine, iodine, manganese, lead, phosphorous, carbon, zinc, sulfur, and nitrogen. The
artistry of God was to combine this inanimate matter to create man All these constituents are obtainable at reasonable prices. The cost of
all these elements is not any higher than a hundred dollars according
to the New York Stock Exchange. Yes, a hundred dollars exactly is the
basic price of man. God created man out of a combination of elements
that costs almost nothing. The mystery does not lie in the material out
of which man is made, but in the Creator…
2- Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.
1-The Prologue, 2

As it is explained in the sura The Believers, Verse 12, man was created from a quintessence. God combined the elements contained in clay
as a result of fine calculations. These elements are harmoniously and
proportionately distributed in the body at birth; the body is programmed to make use of them in due proportion and to dispose of
any surplus. The human body contains about 2kg calcium. If there is
a decrease in this amount, the very act of biting into an apple may
cause our teeth to break. Our body needs 120gr of potassium. A
decrease of it may cause muscle cramps, fatigue, intestinal troubles,
and palpitations. We need only about 2gr to 3gr of zinc. Any lowering in these values may cause loss of memory, impotence, decrease of
the capability to act and weakening of the senses of smell and taste.
Insufficiency of selenium may bring about the weakening of muscles,
hardening of arteries and heart muscles…
All these data show that God, while making use of clay as raw
material for man, combined its constituents in ideal proportions. The
Quran is exact in its statements. Creating a living being such as man
from such ordinary matter is one of the manifestations of the omniscience of God. Careful combination in due proportion of all the constituents of the human body demonstrates God’s matchless design.
The creation of man, a masterpiece, out of a matter of simple aspect
like clay, shows again the greatness of God. WATER BECOMES ALIVE
30- …and from water We made all living things. Will they
not believe even then?
21-The Prophets, 30
45- God created every moving creature from water…
24-The Light, 45
In the 54th verse of the sura The Distinguisher, it is said that human
beings are created from water, and in the suras The Prophets and The
Light it is said that all living beings are created from water. Water is
the basic biological element of living matter. Cells are made of water
in proportions varying between 60% to 80%. A cell whose basic element is water is a living thing. Without water there is no life.
Water is composed of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. Water,
whose chemical constituents have been arranged perfectly, is made of
atoms devoid of organic life and 99% vacuum. How is it that living
beings and animals are created from something of which 99% is void?
How is it that an entity made of an inorganic and inanimate matter
comes to life?
24- He is God, the Creator, the Maker, the Designer; to
Him belong the most beautiful names. Whatever is in the
heavens and the earth glorifies Him. He is the Almighty,
the Wise.
59-Exodus, 24

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