Waqia of Hazrat Ilyas AlaihisSalam

According to Quran:: And Surely Ilyas was one of the Messengers. (Recall) when he said to his people, “Will you not be god-fearing? Do you call upon Ba’l and forsake the Best of the creators , Allah, your Lord and the Lord of your ancient fathers?” But they belied him, so they shall surely arraigned, except the servants of Allah, the sincere ones. And we left for him (praise) among the later generations, peace be upon Ilyasin. Surely thus do We recompense the gooddoers. Surely he was one of Our believing servants. (As-Saffat, 37:123-132)

He was Ilyas An-Nashabi. It is said that he was the son of Yasin bin Fanhas bin Al-Izar bin Harun. .

He was sent to the people of Bal back to the west of Damascus. He called them to worship Allah, the Majestic, the Glorious, and he stressed upon them that they should give up their idol worship whom they had named Ba’l.

His people did not listen to him. They not only refused to believe in him but also opposed him tooth and rail so he had to flee from them. He returned only after their king died and another had taken.over. He presented his religion to the new king too. A large number of his subjects became believers but the king had them all killed.

Makhul has reported from Ka’b that four of the Prophets are alive. Two of – live in the heavens are Idris Station and ‘Eesa state


Hazrat Ilyas ka zikr Musa O Haroon A.S k zamanay k baad ata hai.
Ilyas A.S bi Prophets me se thay. Unho ne bhi apni qaum ko Allah ki ibadat ki traf bulaya aur samjhaya k but’oun /idols ki ibadat chorr do aur unka but/idol “Ba’al” naam ka tha.
Kafir aap k against hogae, hatta k aap k qatal ki thaan li.Us waqt ka king bhi Ilyas k khilaf tha.
Kaha jata hai k phir Ilyas un se bach k kar bhagay aur chupp gae. aur ja kar aik ghaar/cave me rahay, jo k zameen k andar tha. 10 saal ka arsa us hi me guzar dya.
Phir Allah ne us Badshah ko halak kar dya.
Dosra king takht-nasheen hua tau Ilyas A.S us k paas tashreef laye aur Islam ki dawat di , aur us badshah samet puri qaum Muslim hogae. Sirf 10,000 log baqi reh gae.Un ko qatal kar dya gya.
Aik qaul k mutabiq 4 Anbiyah / prophets zinda hain.
2 zameen me, wo Ilyas aur Khizr hain. aur 2 aasman me, Idrees aur Esa A.S. Wallah’alam. (Is qaul me nazar / doubt hai)


Hazrat Ilyaas Alayhis Salaam Khuskee(Jameen) par Mukararr kiye gaye the Aur Hazrat Khizr Alayhis Salaam Dariyaao Par Aur Jaziro(Taapu) par Mukararr hai, Har Saal ke Mouqe par In Dono kee Mulaaqaat hoti hai.(Tazkiratul Ambiya Alayhis Salaam, Safa-272, 273)