Hadith on Awaited Imam Mahdi part 4

The Awaited Imām Mahdī (علیہ السلام)

Circumstances Surrounding Imām Mahdī’s Arrival

  • عن أبي الجلد، قال: تكون فتنة بعدها فتنة، الأولى في الآخرة كثمرة السوط يتبعها ذباب السيف، ثم تكون بعد ذلك فتنة تستحل فيها المحارم كلها، ثم تأتي الخلافة خير أهل الأرض وهو قاعد في بيته هنيا.
  • “Abū Jalad (RA) narrates: a disruption will arise which will be followed by another disruption. The first will be related to the second disruption as the lace is joined to its whip (meaning they will be closely related, either the second will immediately follow the first or their content will be similar). Then there will be the (disruption of) swords. It will be followed by another disruption in which all forbidden things will be declared permissible. Then the caliphate will come about, through the best person amongst the people. If will come about whilst he is sitting at home.”

    Ibn Abī Shaybah narrated it in al-Musannaf (7:531#37754); and
    Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:65).
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