Hazrat Syedana Hasan Mussana Alaihissalam in Karbala

Hazrat Syed Ḥasan al Mussana ( حضرت حسن المثنّی بن امام حسن بن امام علی علیہمھا السلام ) was son of Imam Hassan Al Mujtaba (Alaih salam) from his wife Khaola binte Manzoor bin Riyan Farazi (Alaih salam). He was born in 36 Hijri and was age fellow of Imam Ali bin Hussain (Alaih salam) known as Imam Zain al Abideen. Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih salam) got a son Abdullah (Alaih salam) who was martyred in Ka rbala along with his paternal uncle Hazrat Qasim (Alaih salam) – other younger son of Imam Hasan Alaih Salam. Hazrat Hasan al Mussana was married to daughter of Imam Hussain Alaih salam which was also named as Fatima (Alaih salam), He was in the Carvaan of Imam Hussain (Alaih salam) along with his wife and sons.

Hazrat Hassan al Musanna (Alaih Salam ) finally got permission from Imam Hussain (Alaih Salam) for going in to battlefield.He addressed Yazid army as
“We did not come to fight, you can see the tents of the holy daughters and children of Rasool Allah ( صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم ). Who intends to fdoes not bring his ladies and children! Umar bin Saad answered by sending 17 fighters, who attacked together, but all of them perished in Hell. After that, the army of Yazid advanced from all sides and Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) collapsed on the earth of Karbala. Imam Hussain (Alaih Salam) brought him to the tents.

On the 11th of Muharram, when the army of Yazid was martyring the martyrs again by separating the Holy Heads, they noticed that Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) was alive. Abi Hissan Asma bin Kharja Farazi said: His mother is from my tribe, I will not allow you to behead him, because our fight was with Hussain (Alaih Salam) and that is finished now. Umar bin Saad agreed not to behead him there, but to take the matter to Obaid :
Abi Hissan took Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) on a camel to Kufa. Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) opened his eyes after four days and asked: Where is my Imam Hussain (Alaih Salam)? Abi Hissan was reluctant to answer, but on insisting, he told: Imam (Alaih Salam) is martyred and his Holy Head is on a spear. Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) became unconscious. After recovering, he asked: Where are the daughters of Rasool Allah ( صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم )? He answered: In the court of Obaidullah ibne Ziyaad . On hearing this, Hazrat Musanna (Alaih Salam) fainted gain. He revived again and asked: How could it happen, when Abbas (Alaih Salam) was there? Abi Hissan said: The Yazidi forces cut his holy arms.

As soon as Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) could stand, he left the house of Asma bin Kharja and came out of Kufa to Masjid-e-Hanana. In this mosque, the daughters of Rasool Allah ( صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم ) stayed during the night and the morning of the 12th of Muharram. The next day,Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) went to Najaf-e-Ashraf, to shrine of Maula Ali (Alaih Salam), wept and told his grandfather (Alaih Salam) what had happened. He (Alaih Salam) stayed in Najaf for 4 days and he reached Karbala a few days later, where he waited for the release of the holy prisoners.

It was the arrangement of Allah تعالیٰ سبحان to save Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam), even after more than 18 deep wounds, to continue the progeny of Imam Hassan (Alaih Salam). Similarly, Allah wanted Imam Zain al -Abideen (Alaih Salam) alive from Imam Hussain ( alaih salam) lineage .

While Imam Zain al Abideen came back from Syria with the daughters of Rasool Allah ( صلی الله علیہ وآلہ وسلم this is when both cousins Imam Zain al Abideen (Alaih Salam) and Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam) saw each other, they fell on the ground, crawled to each other, wept and fainted. Syeda Fatima Kubra (علیھا السلام) gave the Holy Head of his son Abdullah (Alaih Salam) and said to Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih Salam):

“ I brought your son to meet you”.
He started weeping and kissing the Holy Head of his son and he said: “You are luckier than me to get martyrdom.”

His sons were ‘Abd Allah Mahd, Ibrahim ‘Amr, and Hasan Muthallath, all of whom passed away in the prison of Abu Ja’far Mansur, the Abbasid caliph.

According to Hazrat Ali (karm Allaho wajhu) will, after Imam Hassan Alaih salam , Hazrat Hasan al-Muthanna was the custodian of tabbarukat given by Imam Ali Alaih salam.

Hazrat Hasan al-Mussanna has quoted hadiths from his father, Imam Hasan al Mujtiba ( Alaih salam) and some others. 
Finally, the agents of Walid b. ‘Abd al-Malik poisoned and killed Hazrat Hassan Mussana (Alaih salam) in 85 AH. They transferred his body to Madina and buried him in Jannat al baqih .

Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Gillani’s ( Alaih salam) lineage traces back to Hazrat Hassan Muthana ( Alaih salam) .

Tarikh Tabari of Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabariand and Nur al-absar by shaykh shablanji , both sunni books, and al-irshad a shia book by mufid, all affirm that Hazrat Hassan Musanna (Alaih salam) took part in Karbala..

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