Radd e propoganda khilaf e Hazrat Imam Hasan Alaihissalam

According to his grandson, Abdullah ibn Ḥasan a.s, he usually had four wives, the limit allowed by the law.Stories spread out on this subject and have led to the suggestions that he had 70 or 90 wives in his lifetime, along with a harem of 300 concubines. According to Madelung, and as per my studies however, these reports and descriptions are “for the most part vague, lacking in names, concrete specifics and verifiable detail; they appear to defame the Ahele Bait and work in  the favour of people who are enmey to Ahele Bait and they appear to be spun out of the reputation of al-Hasan as a mitlaq, now interpreted as a habitual and prodigious divorcer, some clearly with a defamatory intent.” Living in his father’s household, “Ḥasan was in no position to enter into any marriages not arranged or approved by him,” says Madelung. According to Ebn Saa’d (pp. 27–28), whose information seems to be more reliable, however, Hasan had 15 sons and 9 daughters from six wives and three named mahaziya.