Haidth for muawia are fabricated

The leading ‘Ulama of Ahl al-Sunnah have declared all hadith praising Mu’awiya as fabricated.

Al Hafidh Jalaluddeen Suyuti in “La’ali al-Masnu`aa fi ahadith al-Maudu`aa” Volume 1 page 424 states:

“Imam Hakim claims that he never came across a single hadith in praise of Mu’awiya that was Sahih”.

Muhammad bin Ali bin Shawkani in “Fawa’id al Mujmu`a fi bay`an al-hadith al-maudu`a”, page 147 states that:

“Ibn Hibban commented that all ahadith in praise of Mu’awiya are fabricated”.

Al Muhaddith Shaykh Abdul Haqq Dehlavi in “Sharh Mishkat Shareef” – Volume 4 page 716 (published in 1873) after citing the hadith in praise of Mu’awiya including the “guidance hadith” Abu Sulaiman cited from Tirmidhi comments:

“It is recorded in Jami` al-‘Usul that many muhaddith scholars have concluded that there exists not even a single hadith in praise of Mu’awiya that is Sahih”.

Abu’l Hasan Quinani in “Thunziyaa as Shari’a al Murfoo’a”, Volume 2, Chapter 8 page 7 comments

“Imam Hakim cites from a chain used by Sibt Ibne Jauzi who cites Isaan bin Ruhiyaa that ‘there exists nothing in praise of Mu’awiya that is Sahih”.

Allamah Ibn al-Jawzi al-Qurashi in “al- Mawdu`at” Volume 2 page 24 states:

“Imam Hakim narrated from Abu’l `Abbas who heard from his father, who heard from Ishaq bin Ibraheem al-Hanzali that ‘no hadith in praise of Mu’awiya are Sahih’.

Shaykh Ismail bin Muhammad in “Kashful Khafa” Volume 2 page 420 states:

‘There exist no hadith in praise of Mu’awiya that is Sahih'”

Hadhrath Ayesha was killed by Mu’awiya (Tarikh al Islam, by Najeeb Abadi, Vol 2 p 44)

“Following the death of Muhammad bin ‘Abu Bakr the people of Egypt gave bayya to Muaweyah. It was following this (event) that Ummul Mu’mineen Ayesha would curse Muaweyah and Amr bin Aas after every Salaat”.

Sunni references:

Tadhkira ul Khawass page 62,

Tar’ikh Ibn al Wardi Voume 1 page 245

Tar’ikh Kamil Vol. 3 page 180

Muaweyah shall die a Kaafir

Abdullah ibne Umar narrates that he heard Rasulullah say:

“Muaweyah shall not die on the path of Islam”.

Sunni references:

Tareekh Tabari Volume 8 page 186

Waq’at Sifeen page 217

muawiyah L and yazid L murdering Imam al-Hasan Ibn Ali (AS) by poison,
reported by many, here are a few Sunni references:

1. Tathkarat al-Khawass, Sibt ibn al-Jawzi al-Hanafi, pp 191-194.
2. Ibn Abd al-Barr, in his “Seera”
3. al-Suddi
4. al-Sha’bi
5. Abu Nu’aym

The Messenger of Allah cursed Muaweyah, his brother and father

“Imam Hasan reminded Muaweyah of the occasion “when your father was riding a red camel you were in front of him and your brother Utbah was dragging the camel by its nose? On that occasion Rasulullah (s) cursed your father, brother and you”

Sunni references:

Ahl’ul Sunnah’s Mukthul Husayn page 117 part 4

Waq’at Sifeen Volume 8 page 185

The Messenger of Allah said: “O Ali! Soon a rebellious group will fight against you, you will be on the truth. Whoever does not support you on that day will not be from us”

reference: Kanz al Ummal, by Ali Muttaqi al Hind quoting Ibn Asakir, hadith number 32970
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) ordered the killing of Muaweyah in the event of him becoming Caliph , Allah’s Messenger (pbuh&hp) said, “If you see Muaweyah on my pulpit then kill him”

references: Mizan al-Itidal Volume 2 page 17; Volume 2 page 129 on the authority of Abu Said al Khudri; Volume 7 page 324 and Volume 8 page 74; “Tadhib al Tadhib” by Ibn Hajar Asqalani Volume 5 page 110 (Hyderabad edition); Kunz al Haqaiq by al Mu’awi page 9; Tabaqat by Ibn Sad Volume 4 page 134-135 (Leiden edition); al Kamil fi Safa al Rijal Volume 2 page 146 hadith number 343; Ansab al Ashraf Volume 5 page 136; Waq’at Sifeen page 216 and 221, Tareekh Tabari Volume 8 page 186

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