Pharaoh’s Mummy

Pharaoh’s Mummy

Drowned Pharaoh was found mummified.

There is a problem in the Bible, it insists that Pharaoh’s body drowned in the Red Sea. The problem is that Pharaoh wore body armor that would have sunk his body to the bottom of the sea. But we already discovered all mummies of Pharaohs in the New Kingdom. There is no such thing as a missing Pharaoh’s mummy from the time of Moses. So if he really drowned then his body armor should have sunk him to the bottom of the sea and his body should be missing today.

The soldiers did not wear any armor but the Pharaoh did:

Because of the climate, very little armour was ever worn in Africa. Sometimes broad leather bands covered part of the torso of charioteers, but generally soldiers are depicted without any body protection. Again the pharaohs were – not surprisingly – the exception. 
Reshafim, Shields, helmets and body armour, 2018

Pharaohs wore scale armor. Copper and iron scales were sewn to leather and fabric. Then semi-precious stones were added for decoration:

The pharaohs often wore scale armour with inlaid semi-precious stones, which offered better protection, the stones being harder than the metal used for arrow tips.
Wikipedia, Military of ancient Egypt, 2018

This metal armor plus the semi-precious stones are much denser than water and should have sunk the corpse of the Pharaoh to the bottom of the sea. Instead we found his body inland mummified. Since they didn’t have the technology to find and raise his body, Christians have to explain “Who raised his body from the bottom of the sea?”.

But the Quran didn’t do this mistake. Instead the Quran insists that Allah specifically saved Pharaoh’s body:

[Quran 10:92] Today We will preserve your body, so that you become a sign for those after you. But most people are heedless of Our signs.

So Allah saved Pharaoh’s body because Pharaoh COULD NOT FLOAT. And since Allah saved his body then no mummy should be missing today.

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