One of the striking qualities of Prophet Muhammad is his leniency in his treatment of others. God praises Prophet Muhammad in the Qur’an by emphasising his leniency and declaring it His favour. God says: (O My Esteemed Beloved!) What a mercy of God that you are lenient with them! Had you been stern and hard-hearted, people would have deserted, scattering away from around you. So, pardon them, and pray for their forgiveness, and consult them in (important) matters. [Q.3:159.]

Such was the Prophet’s leniency that once a Bedouin (Desert Arab) urinated in the mosque. The Prophet’s Companions were incensed by this disrespectful act and were about to rough him up. But the Prophet Muhammad stopped them and calmed the situation down by commanding his Companions to clean the place by placing a bucket of water over the urine. He then counselled his Companions by teaching them the principle of leniency saying: “You have been sent to facilitate ease and not to cause difficulty and hardship.”I

I Set forth by al-Bukhārī in al-Ṣaḥīḥ, 1:89 $217. •Aḥmad b. Hanbal in al-Musnad, 2:282 $7786.


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