Once our Saint was the guest of Munshi Tafazzul Hussein Warisi and Vakil of Unnao, Moulvi Abdul Mannan a resident of the suburbs of Saharanpur visited and enquired our Saint’s opinion about some question beyond the day of Resurrection: “Can elevated God’s sight be visible?” Our Saint looked at Maulvi sahib with smiling eyes and asked whether he knew the Quranic verse, “one who is blind here will be blind there also”. In his replying words there was a streak of intuition. Perhaps he started at his questioner. One might assert that it was a miraculous dart of his eyes that on hearing this concise sentence Maulvi sahib was enraptured and becoming absent minded, began to dance repeating in an ecstatic state, “Eyes full of magic have struck me. “In this state he was taken to the neighbouring room. After three hours he regained his senses and when asked the reason of his uneasiness he said, “How can I explain what I have noticed in those eyes.” He again reverted to the same condition repeating his former outpouring, the burden of his song.

The next day the Maulvi sahib was taken before our Saint by Munshi Tafazzul Hussein who stated that the poor Maulvi had not touched a single morsel of food nor a drop of water; since the previous day. Our Saint smilingly enquired of the Maulvi, how he was feeling. Thanking God he requested our Saint to admit him amongst the circle of his slaves. Our saint advised him not to utter blasphemous words to which the Maulvi said, “Whether my talk is religious or Islamic just admit me in your fold.” He took the oath of allegiance (Baiyat), and was allowed to depart. He was asked by Sarkar waris to meet at Saidanpur (district Barabanki) on ninth of Ziljhaj.


Sarkar waris eyes stained with antimony were exceptionally beautiful, unique and nonpareil, but at the same time modest, unassuming, truth knowing and beaming with spiritual bestowing rays. Apart from this he was very modest. He never viewed the world with lust and avarice to the extent he never wore transparent clothes at the time of bathing so much so after his bath he would ask his attendants to depart while he changed and no one ever saw him reveal his legs which is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him).


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