Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq AlahisSalam part 5

Divine words

Here are presented some golden, divine words of Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq which are scattered in various books.

He told his slave Nafid, “O’ Nafid! When you write a letter to someone and wish that your purpose of writing is fulfilled, then, write this matter on the first page.”

بشر أهو الرحمن الرحيم إن الله رقت الشايرين المخرجيناتكرهون والرزق من حيث لاتخليئون جعلنا التاك من الدين لاخوف عليهم ولا هم هرگونه

Nafid said, “That is what I do. Due to his grace, the problems are solved miraculously.”


He always used to pray, “O Allah! Please bestow upon me the honour of the people and make me your staunch obedient. Let my efforts be successful and not the cause of fun for the others. O Allah, let my prayers, for the people whom you have deprived of livelihood, be accepted by you. $$


He said, “Nothing is better than the aloofness, and nothing has more value than silence. Rudeness and hatred are the greatest enemies of man. The lie is a more serious disease than any other illness.”

(Al Bashir Sharh-e-nuhamir)

He said, “One who has reached to the vicinity of Allah, the Almighty, has kept himself away from the finite world.” And he also said that “The worship is incomplete without repentance, for, Allah kept repentance as dominating factor on worship. Allah says, ‘Those who repent, are the real worshipers.” (Kashaf-ul-Mahjoob)

He said, “The faith of a person who is in the company of non-believers, is not safe.” The person who practices foul ways and means is defamed. The person who does not control his tongue has to be ashamed. One should keep himself away from the company of the following five types of people:

i. the liar who always cheats the people,

ü. The fool who would, though, try to help you, but in fact will cause loss to you,

iii. The miser who, for his small advantage, will incur a great loss to with you,

iv. the timid who would leave you in the adverse position and the person who always is interested in misdeeds and would sell you for a very negligible price. (Masalik-ul-Salikin andTazkirat-ul-Auliya)

His Works (books)

Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq is a writer of many classical books. He was second to none in writing of interpretation and review (Tafsir & Tanzeel) of Hadiths. Imam Kamaluddin writes in his book Hayat-ul-Haivan quoting Ibn-e-Qutba’s book Adab-ul-Katib that “Hazrat Imam Jafar Sadiq wrote a book named ‘Jafar’ for the benefit of his descendants. The uniqueness of the book is that all the needs of his descendants about the ultimate truth and the solutions of worldly problems, till the Day of Judgement, are given in it.

He says in his two books, Sharah-i-Muvaqif and Rozat-ul-Sa’afa,

علمناقابر وز پور و فکرت في القلوب و تقر في الاساوان عند نا الجفر الاحمر والا جفر الابیض و مصحف فاطمۃ وان

عندنا الجامعة فيها جميع مايحتاج الناس اليه.

‘When it was asked about the above-written matter’s explanation, he explained it as Ancient Knowledge(ly) which happen from distant future till the Day of Judgement; Aforementioned() had the knowledge from the day one till the present time and Elm-e-Jafar Albeyaz include the teachings of Toreh, PSALMs, Gospel, and other divine books . Masa’ahif Fatima is such a book that has been written as a result of the churning of heart. The book contains the names of the countries and their kings, to come till the Day of Judgement. It is as long as that of Tuumaar’s book of history, which is 70 yards in length.’

(Masa’alik-ul-Sa’alikin) and Tazkirat-ul-Auliya)

We come to know about his academic, religious and literary services from the above books and at the same time, the books show his humility and humbleness. The people, when asked him, that, in spite of his having such extraordinary virtues, knowledge and gracefulness, also knowning many arts and skills, being a great worshiper and blissful, being a shining lamp of his dynasty, was he proudy? He replied, “I am not proudy, because, I have acquired the grace of Allah, the Almighty. This does away with the false proud. When I removed my personal boastful nature, the grace of Allah, the Almighty filled it with His Grace. The reason is, there should not be boasting about the grace of Allah, the Almighty, but there should be total submission towards Him.”

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