Shaam e Ghareeban

The sun was setting in the horizon. River Furaat flowed turbulently breaking its bank.
Another night fell on the land of Karbala’. THE NIGHT OF SHAAM E GHAREEBAN. What a lonely night? What a tragic and sad night? NO FIRE! NO LIGHT! NIGHT OF DARKNESS! 💔
The air was filled with sounds of ladies and children crying.
Widows crying for their husbands. Sisters crying for their brothers. Mothers crying for their children. Little orphans crying for their fathers.
Bibi Zainab س is not crying. No tears were flowing from her eyes.
Husayn ع is not there to comfort the mothers and orphans but Bibi Zainab س is there. She is comforting the mothers and the little orphans.
‘Abbas ع or ‘Ali Akbar ع are not there to guard the tents but Bibi Zainab ع is there. She is guarding the tents.
Enough! Surely Yazid’s beastly men would leave the ladies and children to mourn their dead ones in peace.
But no, they did not.
They came to the tents. They looted all the belongings of the Holy ladies. They even snatched away the ladies’ hijab. 💔😪Fatimah’s س daughters were left bare-headed.
Shimr ل the most evil of Yazid’s men, came too. Sakina س was crying for her father. Instead of comforting words, Shimr ل slapped Sakina’s face and pulled off earrings from her ears. Blood poured from little Sakina’s ears.
Surely they would stop now. But they did not. 😓
One-by-one they set fire to the tents. The helpless ladies and children ran from one tent to another Little Sakina ran from one tent to another. Her dress was on fire, Her ears were bleeding. All Sakina wanted was her dear father. She ran to the battlefield screaming:
“Father, where are you? Father, Father, speak to me father.”
The seventh tent, which was the last was set on fire. Our 4th Imam, Imam Zainul Abideen ع was lying unconscious in the bed. Zainab س got worried. She had to save the Imam of the time, our 4th Imam. So she rushed to the tent and rescued Imam Zainul Abideen to safety.
All the tents were burned down. The Holy ladies and children were left homeless.
The children were frightened so they ran away to escape the fire, the restless horses and the beatings. 😭

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