Testimony of Prophethood by the Lizard

*بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ*

*Regarding : Holy Prophet (saww)*

*Testimony of Prophet hood by the Lizard*

Imam Hasan Askari (a) has mentioned in his Tafsir that ten Jews came to His Eminence (s) to ask him some questions just for argument sake. In the meantime, a Bedouin came running there as if someone was pushing him from behind. And he had a stick on his shoulder and a bag on his head and the bag
was tied up tightly. Nobody knew what was inside it. He came
and loudly shouted: O Muhammad(saww), answer my question at once!

Holy Prophet (s) said: O brother Bedouin, these Jews came before you and want to ask some questions. If you allow me, I will answer them first.

That Bedouin said: No, because I am a traveler and I have to move on. Holy Prophet (s) said: Indeed, being a traveler you are worthier than them. The Bedouin said: I want to you warn
you that these people have a book also and according to their view it is right. And I am afraid that they may testify you and enter the folds of Muslims only to spoil the religion of others. I shall not be content with this without seeing any sign.

Holy Prophet (s) asked his companions: Where is Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a)? Call him here at once. Ali (a) came to attend His
Prophet (s).

That Bedouin said: O Muhammad (s)! When we both are talking, why has he come? His Eminence (s) said: O Bedouin! You asked me a question of clarification, and Ali (a) has sufficient knowledge. I am the city of knowledge and he is the gate. Whoever wants to pose any question, must enter from the gate.

When Ali (a) came before the Holy Prophet (s), He (s) said in a loud voice: O people, one who wants to see the grandeur of Adam, wisdom of Sheeth, intelligence and awe of Idrees, gratitude and worship of Nuh, faithfulness and
friendliness of Ibrahim, enmity of Musa with enemies of Allah,
love to believers and way of living of Isa (a), should look at Ali
Ibne Abi Talib (a).

These words of Holy Prophet (s) increased the faith of believers and the hypocrisy of the hypocrites increased.

The Bedouin said: O Muhammad(s) you have praised the son of your
uncle as his excellence is your excellence, his prestige is your prestige, *I do not agree with any of this till such a one testifies, whose testimony I don’t doubt. When he was asked who was that, he said: If the porpoise (Lizard) testifies, I shall agree.*

Holy Prophet (s) said: O brother Arab, open your bag and take it out and ask for witness. It will testify of my Prophethood
and my brother’s excellence.

The Bedouin said: I took too much pain to catch it and I am afraid it would run away. Prophet (s) said: Don’t be afraid. It will not run away. It will testify to my excellence and truth.

The Bedouin said: But I am afraid it will run away. Holy Prophet (s) said: If she runs away it would be enough for you to falsify us. She will not run away, and she will give true
witness of me. After she gives the witness, let it go. I shall give you such reward that will be better than it. Hence the Bedouin took it out from his bag and put it on the ground. It stood still
there and looked at Holy Prophet (s) and rubbed her head on the ground and then raised her head.

*Allah (swt) make her (Lizard) speak and she said: I testify that no one is worthy of worship except Allah*. *He is One and has no partner and I testify that Muhammad (s) is His Apostle and His obedient one and he is such a Prophet that he is the leader of all apostles and most excellent of them and the last apostle and he will take the believers to Paradise*. And I testify that his brother, Ali Ibne
Abi Talib (a) has excellence and qualities mentioned above, and I testify that his friends will be respected in Paradise and his
enemies will be disgraced in Hell.

*Seeing this miracle, the Bedouin cried and said: O Allah’s Messenger, I also testify to all that this porpoise (Lizard) testified. I cannot deny what I have seen and heard*.

Then he turned to the Jews and said: Woe to you, seeing this miracle, which other miracle you want to see and ask for
divine sign? Now believe in him or you shall all be destroyed.

On hearing his argument, all the Jews became Muslims and
said: O brother Arab, your porpoise (Lizard) is blessed for us.

(Ref : Madinatul Maajiz Eng pg 131 / Tafseer Imām Hasan Askari (a) Pg 496-500)


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