Qasis ul Quran Hazrat SHI’YA BIN AMSIYA AlahisSalam


Shi’ya bin Amsiya AlaihisSalam was one of the Prophets who came after Dawud but before Zakariya AlaihisSalam.

Muhammad bin Ishaq has said that he had given the tidings that Prophets of Allah, Sayyidina Eesa and Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ would be sent be Him.

The King who ruled in his times was named Hizqiya. He respected the Prophet very much and obeyed him and followed his advice. However, a very difficult time was faced by them when the king was taken ill and his leg was infected and, at the same time, there were reports that the king of Babel (Babylon) was advancing towards Bayt Al-Maqdis with a formidable army.

The subjects were panicky and the king sought the advice of Prophet Shiya bin Amsiya state asked him if he had received any revelation from Allah on the advancing forces of Sanuharib, for that was the name of the king. The Prophet had not received revelation until then but he did get it later and informed the king that his time to die had come and he must hand over his throne to a successor.


The king turned to prayer and made supplications to Allah very humbly and wept a lot. He supplicated Allah.


Allah granted his supplication and revealed to Shi’ya AlaihisSalam that he should inform him that his age was prolonged by fifteen years and he would be cured

and saved from the enemy. When the Prophet gave him the tidings, his ailment was removed from him and the evil and sorrow departed. He fell down in prostration.

When he got up from the prostration, Allah revealed to Shi’ya to ask

him to pour the juice of fig on his sore leg, and, when he did that, it was cured As for Sanuharib, Allah caused all his armymen to die and only he and five of his companions were spared. Among them was Bakht Nasr (Nebuchadnezar). They were brought to the king as captives. They were taken round the city for seventy days in fetters and humiliated, and then imprisoned. Then they were sent back to their country on the Command of Allah so that their people could take a lesson from them.

The priests and astrologers of Sanuharib reminded him that they had advised him against invading Bayt Al-Maqdis but he had not paid heed to their advice. He died seven years later.


When Hizqiya also died there was unrest in Bayt Al-Maqdis and the Bainu Isra’il became evil. Shi’ya cautioned them but they did not listen to him. Rather they resolved to kill him and he fled from them. As he was running away, a tree opened for him and he concealed himself inside it but the devil saw him enter and held the hem of his garment out of the tree. His people saw that and cut the tree in two and with that their Prophet Shi’ya also.

To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return!


Ibn Asakir has said that some of the narrations of the Companions tell us that he stood over the gushing blood of Yahya bin Zakariya AlahisSalam when he was killed in Damascus and addressed it, “O Blood, you have put people to test enough, now stop!” So, the blood not only stopped flowing but also disappeared.


Abu Bakr bin Abu Ad-Dunya has transmitted from Abdullah bin Abdur

Rahman that Prophet Armiya AlahisSalam asked Allah, “O Lord! Which of Your slaves is the most beloved to you?” He said, “The ones who are most frequent of them in remembering Me, who are occupied in remembering Me rather than the creatures, who are not worried by fear of death and who do not crave perpetual life, who, when the luxuries of the world are presented to them, turn away from them, and when they are taken away from them feel happy. They deserving of My Love and I will grant them more than they expect.” are


Allah has said:

And We gave to Musa the Book, and We made it a guidance for the Children of Isra’il (saying), “Take not any guardian beside Me, (O You!) the progeny of those whom We bore with Nuh. Surely he was a grateful sevvant”. And We forewarned the Children of Isra’il in the Book, “You will certainly do corruption in the earth twice, and you will certainly rise to the height of mighty insolence”. So when the promise of the first of the two came to pass, We sent against you Our servants, of might prowess, so they ravaged through the habitations, and it was a promise fulfilled. Then We gave back to you the turn (to prevail) against them, and We aided you with riches and children, and We made you a numerous host. If you do good, you do good for your own souls. And if you do evil, it will be against yourselves. So when the second promise came to pass, (We raised up against you a people) that they may disgrace your faces and may enter the Mosque as they entered it the first time, and that they may destroy, whatever they conquered, with utter destruction. It may be that your Lord will have mercy upon you, but if you return (to insolence) We shall return (to punishment), And We have made Hell a prison for the disbelievers. (Al-Isra, 17:2-8)

Wahb bin Munabbih has said: When evil life and sin became common

with the Banu Isra’il, Allah revealed to His Prophet Armiya AlaihisSalam tell his people that they had reached the peak of disobedience and stubbornness yet were shown mercy by Allah because of the blessings of their ancestors who were righteous. The Prophet was told to ask them if they had gained from being disobedient and, if anyone does lose anything from being obedient, “These people have forgotten why their ancestors were honoured although dumb animals do not forget their habitat,” Allah said to him. He also reminded His Prophet that these people sought others besides Allah and their rabbis and priests have ignored the rights of Allah and all of them have rebelled against Him and His Prophets and they were given to lying. Allah said, “I swear by My Majesty and by My Honour, I will send upon them armies whose language they will not fathom, whose faces they will not recognise, who will not show Mercy even if they sob and cry. I will send over them a tyrant king with a huge army who will devastate their cities and ruin them. I will cause the heaven to be hard on them and the earth to be unproductive. Rain will not grow anything except through My mercy on the animals. Rain will come not at the time of sowing but at the time of harvest. They will be deprived of all blessing. If they pray to Me, their prayers will not be answered and they will not find My mercy.”


Nevertheless, the Prophet did his duty and conveyed the message of Allah to the people but they reacted strongly to him and called him a liar. They imprisoned him.


The warning of Allah began to take shape. Bakht Nasr advanced towards them with a large army. He killed many and took many as captives, ravaged the mosque and burnt the copies of Torah.

He chased the Banu Israil everywhere, up to Syria, and killed them. Then he returned to Bayt Al-Maqdis and took the booty with him. He took away everything from the Bayt Al-Maqdis and drove the captives upto Babylon. They included children of the elite and the kings and of the descendants of Dawud Yusuf and his brother Banyamin and so on.

Bakht Nasr was told that their Prophet had forewarned them of the fate they were suffering and had asked them to mend their ways but they did not pay heed to him. So, Bakht Nasr asked for Armiya to be released from prison and brought to him. When he was brought to him, he asked him if he had warned his people of what would happen to them. He answered in the affirmeative “Then who told you of that,” asked Bakht Nasr.

He answered, “Allah has sent me to them but they belied me.”

beat you and imprisoned you?” Bakht Nasar asked. “Yes!” He replied. “Belied you,

Bakht Nasr said, “The worst of all people are those who belie their Prophets and belie the Messengers of their Lord. Would you like to come with that I may honour you? Or, if you prefer you may stay in your land so I will entrust it to you.”

Armiya said, “I will not cease from fulfilling the trust of Allah.. So, Bakht Nasr let him stay where he was and himself proceeded to his country.


The Prophet AlaihisSalam gathered the weak and old people of the Children of sta’il that had remained behind. They told him that they were sorry for their past deeds and repented that they had not obeyed him. “Pray to Allah that He accept our repentance.” When Armiya prayed to Allah, He said that if they were sincere they must stay with him in a sacred land. But they refused to stay na land that was destroyed.

Ibn Al-Kalib has said that since then the Banu Isra’il have dispersed over different lands. Bakht Nasr had pursued them everywhere – in Egypt, Morocco, Syria. Palestine and Jordan. Among the captives was Danyal too I say that it seems he was Daniyal bin Hizqil the junior, not the senior according to what Wahb bin Munabbih has said.

This portion of Al-Kitab is named after the prophet through whom it was revealed, Prophet Armiya (pbuh), also known as Jeremiah. During the time that Prophet Armiya (pbuh) was preaching, three nations were competing for domination of the Middle East: Assyria, Egypt, and Babylon. Allah revealed two very important truths to the Jews through Armiya (pbuh). First, the Jews were not to depend on any agreement they might make with Egypt. Second, as a consequence of their sins, the Jews were going to be taken away and exiled in Babylon for 70 years. Many people did not like these two announcements and persecuted Prophet Armiya (pbuh) for it, but he remained faithful to Allah no matter what the people said. Armiya (pbuh) was one of the relatively few Jews who were permitted to stay in Palestine and not go into exile. Later, many of the remaining Jews in Palestine decided they would go to Egypt to get away from Babylon’s influence, and they forced Armiya (pbuh) to go with them. The prophet lived out the rest of his days in Egypt.

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