Qasis ul Quran ::Hazrat DANYAL AlahisSalam

Ibn Abu Ad-Dunya has reported the narration of Abdullah bin Au Al-Huzayl that: Bakht Nasr dug a pit and placed two lions in it and then put Danyal AlaihisSalam into it with them but the lions did not attack him. He stayed there as long as Allah willed him to stay there and then he felt a need for food and drink as human beings feel. So Allah revealed to Armiya who was in Bayt-Al-Maqdis to prepare food for Danyal who was in Babylon, Iraq. When he had prepared the food, Allah had him carried along with the food to Danyal. There he informed him that Allah had asked him to deliver food to him and he remarked that, indeed, Allah had remembered him and He praised Allah considerably for the numerous favours We had bestowed on him. He ended his praise with the words

Praise belongs to Allah Who is our hope when all hopes are cut off from us.


Abu Al-Aaliya has said that when they conquered Tastur they found a dead man lying on a bed in the house of Al-Harmuzan. He had a scripture near his head. The scripture was taken to Khalifah Umar bin Al-Khattab and he got it deciphered by Ka’b. They found different stories and forewarnings in the Scripture. They dug thirteen graves in the day time and at night buried the man in one of those graves so that the people could not distinguish the grave he was buried in. That was to ward them off for they believed he could exercise certain powers. They supposed that the man was Danyal and he had died three hundred years before he was found and nothing had changed in him during all those years.

However, it does not seem that he was Danyal because no Prophet was there between Isa AlahisSalam and Nabi Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ as a Hadith in Bukhari tells us, the time difference between them being four hundred years.

Abu Burdah had a ring that depicted two lions licking a man. It was the ring of that man who was found on the bed and whom Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari had buried but had taken away the ring from him.


Allah, the Exalted, has said in His book, and He is The Truest of the true:

Or (have you considered) the like of him who passed by a township, which had fallen down upon its roofs; he said, “How shall Allah give it life after its death?” So Allah made him die for a hundred years then brought him back to life. He said, “How long have you tarried?” He said, “I have tarried a day, or a part of a day.” He said, “Nay, but you tarried a hundred years. Just look at your food and drink which have not spoiled; and look at your ass! And We would make you a sign for mankind. And look at the bones (of your ass) how We set them together, and then clothe them with flesh.” So, when it became clear to him, he exclaimed, “I know (now) that surely Allah has power over everything. (Al-Baqarah, 2:259)

According to Hisham bin Al-Kalbi Allah revealed to Prophet Armiya AlahisSalam that He was about to reconstruct and reinhabit Bayt Al-Maqdis and so he must go there.

The Prophet went there and found it as it was, in ruins. He could not help say to himself, “Glory be to Allah? He commands me to come here and tells me that He would re-inhabit it. When is He going to do that and rekindle life into it after it is dead?” So saying, he placed his head down and he went to sleep, his donkey sat down next to him and the basket containing his provision by his side.

Meanwhile, Bakht Nasr died and was succeeded by Lahrasib; he reigned for a hundred and twenty years to be succeeded by his son Bashtasib.


Bashtasib learnt that beasts and wild animals roamed about in Palestine and no human being could be found there and the land of Syria. So, he let the Banu Isra’il know that they may return to Syria if they wish to go. He appointed one of the descendants of Dawud see as King over them and commanded him to reconstruct Bayt Al-Maqdis and its mosque. So, they went there and repaired all the damage. The Bayt Al-Maqdis stood restored and inhabited.

Allah opened the eyes of the sleeping Armiya and he was surprised to turned the reconstrunction and the rehabilitation around him. He had not imagined that he slept more than an hour when he had seen the place in ruins Now its people had populated it. He declared

I know (now) that surely Allah has power over everything..

(Al-Baqarah, 2:259)

Banu Isra’il regained their glory until they were conquered by the Romans and then remained without a king.

Meanwhile, during the reign or Bashtashib, the religion of the Majusis Coroastrianism) gained footing in his lands. The founder, Zoroaster, was a companion of Armiyaa but he had annoyed him so he prayed against him and he was afflicted by leprosy, and went away to Azerbijan. Bashtasib embraced his religion and compelled his people to follow suit. Those who did wat were put to death. While Ibn Jarir and others say that passer by in the verse mas Armiya , many exegetes say that he was ‘Uzayr .

Waqia e Hazrat Daniyal AlahisSalam

Year 768 years Before Christ
It is said that the children of Israil were called Bani Israil who formed into many nations and the children of Yahuda were called Bani Yuhuda. They were from the same race but still they fought continues wars. They were large in number and engaged in battles for many centuries and peace and tranquility vanished from their lives.
Their domination was initiated from the period of hazrat Yaqub alaihis salam and ended in the era of Bakht Nasr (the Babylonian king Nabukatnazar(Bakht Nasr). The children of Israil established sovereignty and later they were captured by the pharaohs of Egypt. The children of Yahuda were ruling over Syria, Palestine and Iraq.
Bakht Nasr attacked Jerusalem. He was extremely bloodthirsty and unmerciful king . The Egyptians set themselves back and the ruler ship of Yahuda was surrendered. Bakht Nasr captivated the children of Yahuda and migrated them to Babul.
Hazrat Daniyal alaihis salam son of Yuhanna who was from the generation of Yahuda son of prophet Yaqub alaihis salam was among the prisoners of Bakht Nasr. One night Bakht Nasr viewed a very frightful dream and called all the scholars and interpreters of the dream but no one could explain the meaning of his dream so he ordered all the scholars and reviewers to be killed. Daniyal alaihis salam was very famous among the scholars. He told the Bakh Nasr: do not kill the scholars as I will explain you the meaning of the dream. Daniyal alaihis salam went to palace of the Bakh Nasr and interpreted the dream to him.
He told him: O king, you have sighted in the dream a horrific person whose face was dreadful and bright, his head was of gold, hands, arms and chest were of silver coated with copper. His calves were made of iron and foot of potter. He saw a large rock gliding from the mountain, collided upon his face, and broke down both his foot. His face transformed into dust, the rock began to increase in size, altered into the mountain and engulfed the whole earth into itself.
Hazrat Daniyal alaihis salam explained: You will acquire the power over the entire Bani Israil and other dynasties and finally God will bring to the power such a sovereignty that all those dynasties will abolish and they will remain eternally.
After listening to the interpretation about his vast kingdom Bukht Nasr got extremely delighted, prostrated before prophet Daniyal alaihis salam, extremely honored him and bestowed him gifts. He appointed him as the commander of the army, principal of the scholars and the head of the ministers of his kingdom.
Daniyal alaihis salam began to invite the people towards the religious laws of Musa alaihis salam. His book consisted of 12 chapters in which they were the predictions of the invisible mysteries and it mentioned about the advent of the last prophet Muhammad sallallaho alaihe va ala alehi. His grave is in Shush, Iran, state of Khuzestan.
The existence of Daniyal alaihis salam before the vicious and savage power of the Bukht nasr was a divine argument and action so that they must get well aware about the prophet’s who were selected for the guidance of the people and will take revenge on behalf of the innocent. The tyrants are given little period of reprieve, and the prophets always revolted against oppressors, brought justice to the innocent, took vengeance from the tyrants and punished them.
Some sociologist believed that Bukht Nasr (Nabukatnazar) was a good king. In our era these events are notable evident.

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