Allah, the Exalted, has mentioned him with His other Prophets.

And Isma’il and Al Yasa’ and Yunus and Lut – each one of them) We exalted above the people of the worlds. (Al-An’am, 6:86)

And remember Isma’il and Al-Yasa’ and Zul Kifl, and they were all of the excellent ones. (Sad, 38:48)

Ibn Ishaq has said that Prophet Al Yasa’ AlaihisSalam followed Prophet Ilyas He stayed among his people as long as Allah willed. During his life he invited his people to the path of Allah following the programme of Ilyas and obeying his Shari’ah.

After he died, his people fell on the wrong path and transgressed into disobedience and evil doing. They became very oppressive and did not hesitate to kill the Prophets. They had a tyrant king and it is said that Zul Kiil guaranteed him that if he repented, he would enter Paradise and that is why he got the name Zul-Kifl (the guarantee).

It is said Sayyidina Al Yasa’ AlaihisSalam was a cousin of Sayyidina Ilyas AlaihisSalam and he was with him when Ilyas had hid from the tyrant king in a cave. When Ilyas AlaihisSalam died, Allah sent Al Yasa’ as Prophet to the Banu Isra`il.

Ibn ‘Asakir has said that Al-Yasa’ is also pronounced Al-Yas sa’ as also Al Laysa’ (or Al-Lisa)

As for Zul-Kifl stay we have spoken about him after the life of Sayyidina Ayyub because it is said that he was the son of Ayyub . But Allah knows best.


Ibn Jarir has said that the condition of the Banu Isra’il deteriorated gravely after that, They drowned deeper and deeper into transgression and committed sin upon sin and they killed the Prophets. Instead of Prophets, tyrant kings ruled over them. They opposed them severely and shed their blood. Allah caused their enemies to subjugate them. It was their practice to carry the tabut (ark of covenant) with them when they went into battle for they attached great auspiciousness to it and regarded it as a source of blessings since the times of the people of Musa mental and Harun . It came

to be handed down as a relic from them.

In the battle with the people of Gaza and ‘Asqalan, the tabut was snatcher from them and they ‘were defeated,

They continued in their sad plight until Allah sent to them Prophes Shamweel . They demanded of him that he appoint for them a king with whom they may fight their enemies.

Sayyidina Shamweel was sent to them four hundred and sixty years after the death of Prophet Yusha AlaihisSalam

It was said that he grew up under the care of Ilyaas (peace be upon him), and he hid with him in Jabal Qasiyoon. When Ilyaas was taken up to heaven, he left al-Yasa‘ as his successor among his people, and Allah appointed him as a Prophet after him. 

It was narrated from Qataadah that al-Hasan said: After Ilyaas came al-Yasa‘ (peace be upon them both), and he remained among his people for as long as Allah willed, calling them to Allah, and adhering to the path and teachings of Ilyaas, until Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, took his soul in death. End quote.

Narrated by Ibn Katheer in Qasas al-Anbiya’ (2/252) 

See also: Tareekh at-Tabari (1/462-464) and al-Muntazam by Ibn al-Jawzi (1/385). 

And it was said that one of the miracles by means of which Allah supported al-Yasa‘ was that he brought the dead back to life and healed the one born blind and the leper, and the river Jordan was dried up for him so that he walked across it, as is mentioned in Jewish sources. Allah knows best how sound that is. See: al-Jawaab as-Saheeh by Ibn Taymiyah (4/451-452) 


The name of al-Yasa’ (a) is mentioned twice in Qur’an 6 and Qur’an 38. In those verses, without mentioning anything about the personality or prophethood of al-Yasa’ (a), he is mentioned as “graced”and “among the elect”

The briefness of the indication of the Qur’an to al-Yasa’ (a) and the little information in interpretation and hadiths sources about him has caused many scholars to identify al-Yasa’ (a) with some other prophets. Some exegetes considered al-Yasa’ (a) the same the Prophet Yusha’ (a) (Joshua), and considered the name al-Yasa’ (a) adopted from it. Some considered him to be actually Khidr (a). On the opposite, some others considered him a prophet having this name from the progeny of Abraham (a) and one of the prophets of Israelites.

The name of “al-Yasa'” is mentioned “Elisha” in the Bible. It has spoken about him in more details comparing to the Qur’an. There, the story of his separation from Ilyas (a), his miracles and his conversations with different people are narrated.


In his youth, when al-Yasa’ (a) had become ill, regained his health through the prayer of Ilyas (a) and afterwards became his disciple and accompanied him everywhere. After Ilyas (a) ascended to the skies, al-Yasa’ (a) was chosen for prophethood. Based on hadiths, the conditions of observing religion changed in his time. Ahab, the king of Israelites and his wife who led people toward idol-worshipping perished at the time of al-Yasa’ (a). Also during his prophethood, many of Israelites accepted his invitation.


In a hadith from Imam al-Rida (a), it is mentioned that al-Yasa’ (a), the same as Jesus (a), had some miracles including the revival of the dead, curing the ill, and walking on water.

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