Qasis ul Quran :: Prophet Hizqeel AlahisSalam

Muhammad Ibn Ishaq has said on the authority of Wahb bin Munabbi tha after the death of Kalib bin Yufna, Hizqil bin Buza was sent as Prophet over the & Banu Isra’il

Ibn Ishaq has said that there was a plague and the people had fled from it to a highland. Allah said to them, “Die!” and they died all of them. They lay dead and ages passed over them until Hizqil came that way. He looked at them and was lost in deep thought. He was asked, “Would you like that Allah revive them while you observe the process.” He affirmed that he would like to witness that. So he was asked to call the bones to wear the flesh over them and join the muscles together and he did as he was instructed and took the name of Allah, the Exalted. They all stood revived and in one voice extoled Allah Akbar postal (Allah is the Greatest).)

This incident is referred to in the Qurān thus:

not grateful, Have you (O Prophet) not considered those who went forth from their homes in their thousands fearful of death? Then Allah said to them, “Die“. Then He gave them life. Surely Allah is Bountiful to mankind, but most of mankind are (Al-Baqarh, 2:243)

Ibn Abbas, Murrah, Ibn Mas’ud and other Companions within have said that the people of Dawardan are the ones who had died and were revived. According to them, when they were afflicted with plague, some of them fled from there and camped outside the town. Those who had remained within the town died except for a few of them, while the ones whº had fled were all safe. As a result , they imagined that those that had fled had done sensible thing and they all resolved that if that happens again, they would all emulate those who had fled.

Next year, plague struck them again and they all fled as they had resolved. However, all of them perished and years after that, when Prophet Hizqil AlahisSalam passed by, they were revived in the valley Afih or Ufayh (ent) as we have narrated above.

When they arose, they called out:

You are without blemish, O Allah. Praise belongs to You. There is no God except You. There are different opinions about number of them.

Imam Ahmad, Bukhari and Musim have transmitted a Hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas that Umar Ibn Al-Khattab had departed Syria and when he was at Sargh, the commanders of the army, Abu Ubaydah and others met him ard informed him that an epidemic had broken out at Syria. He consulted the Muhajirs and the Ansar but they could not give him a unanimous opinion. However, Abdur Rahrman bin ‘Awf came there, having accomplished some task which had kept him away. He said that he had some knowledge about that. He said that he had heard the Messenger of Allab say, “When it (plague) breaks out and you are there, do not run away from it and if you hear about it spreading in a land, do not go to it”.Bukhari (5729), Muslim (208), Muwatta, Malik (22)

Umar a thanked Allah for that and returned to his place.

Imam Ahmad has said that Abdur Rahman bin Awf informed Umar while he had gone to Syria that the Holy Prophet hy had said, “It is this disease ‘with which people before you were punished. If you hear about its outspread in a land do not go to it, and if it strikes the land where you are staying, do not go out from there fleeing it.” Umare in thus returned from there.Bukhari (5729), Muslim (208), Muwatta, Malik (22)

Ibn Ishaq has said that it is not known how long Hizqil stayed with Banu Isra’il and when he died.

The Banu Isra’il deviated from the right path after Hizqil died. They began to worship idol and had one whom they called Ba’l.


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