40-… or is like the darkness in a deep sea. It is covered by
waves, above which are waves, above which clouds.
Darkness, one above another. If a man stretches out his
hand, he can hardly see it. For any to whom God gives not
light, there is no light.
24-The Light, 40

The construction of submarines dates back to the 17th century. A vessel that navigated under water was first contrived in 1620 by C.
Drebber. Submarines developed rapidly, and in 1954, nuclear submarines were made. The development of submarines made possible
the study of submarine geology and topography, and life in the depths
of oceans. Collection of data had been possible thanks to the means
developed in recent centuries without which a man could not dive to
a depth more than 50 meters.
At a depth of 200 meters from the surface of the sea, darkness
reigns. At this depth, then, “If a man stretches out his hand, he can
hardly see it,” as described in the verse. The bottom of seas and
oceans are pitch dark. While broad daylight reigns on the surface, 200
meters below it is again completely dark. At the time of the descent of
the Quran, there were neither scientific data nor knowledge based on
observation about the darkness reigning in the depth of seas. Just as
it told about many aspects of heavenly phenomena comprehensible by
man without the help of satellites, the Quran also provided information about submarine life in the depth of seas and oceans hardly accessible to man without submarines and instruments. The Quran – whose
range of information is vast enough to cover everything, from the space high above down to the depth of the seas – itself proves its
divine origin by the very fact that it is flawless.


In general, we have the impression that the wave only breaks on the
surface and that the water underneath is calm and still. That is why the
expression in the Quran, “by waves, above which are waves,” may
seem puzzling. These waves were discovered in 1900 and are as
described in the Quran. The dark depth of the sea contains these
waves topped by the waves on the surface.
In the verse, we also observe the motion of light. The sun’s rays are
refracted as they strike the clouds and lose some of their luminescence. The rays that reach the surface of the seas diffract as they continue their journey in the spectrum, the first layer holding onto the
yellow, while the second holds onto the green; in the last layer, the
seventh in fact, the blue disappears. Thus, as the journey goes further
downward, light vanishes. The sunlight refracted in the clouds, the
light that vanishes in the levels of oceans, completely disappears in the
depths of oceans and cannot light the bottom. Not even fish can see
their way unless they themselves generate some form of light.

6- Say: “The Quran was sent down by Him, who knows the
mystery that is in the heavens and the earth: verily He is
Forgiving, Merciful.”
25-The Distinguisher, 6


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