Hadith Imam Mahdi AlaihisSalam part 5

The Awaited Imām Mahdī (علیہ السلام) Circumstances Surrounding Imām Mahdī’s Arrival

  • عن عبد الله بن عمرو رضى الله عنهما، قال: يحج الناس معا ويعرفون معا على غير إمام، فبينماهم نزول بمنى إذ أخذهم كالكلب، فثارت القبائل بعضها إلى بعض، واقتتلوا حتى تسيل العقبة دما، فيفزعون إلى خيرهم فيأتونه وهو ملصق وجهه إلى الكعبة، يبكي كأني أنظر إلى دموعه، فيقولون: هلم فلنبايعك، فيقول: ويحكم كم عهد قد نقضتموه، وكم دم قد سفكتموه! فيبايع كرها، فإذا أدركتموه فبايعوه، فإنه المهدي فى الأرض والمهدي فى السماء.
  • “‘Abdullāh ibn ‘Amr (RA) narrates: people will perform the pilgrimage together and will gather at ‘Arafāt without the Imām. So at Minā during their descent a revolt will pounce upon them like a dog (due to which) the tribes will pounce on one another. They will kill one another until the valley begins to flow within blood. (In this worried state) they will go to the best person amongst them to seek his refuge while he will be crying with his face touching the ka‘bah as (the narrator says) I am looking at his tears. So they will request him: please come! We want to take an oath of loyalty on your hand. He will say: it is very sad that you have broken so many promises and have shed so much blood. So, unwillingly, he will accept their oath. So when you find that person, you should take the oath on his hand because he will be Mahdī on earth as well as Mahdī in the heavens.”

    Hākim narrated it in al-Mustadrak (4:503,504#8537);
    Ibn Hammād, al-Fitan (1:227, 341, 342 # 632, 987);
    Dānī, as-Sunan-ul-wāridah fil-fitan (5:1044, 1045 # 560); and
    Suyūtī in al-Hāwī lil-fatāwā (2:76).
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