مرے لیے ہے فقط زور حیدری کافی * ترے نصیب فلاطوں کی تیزی ادراک Merey liye hai faqat zore Hayderi Kafi, Terey nasib falatoon ki tezi-e-Idrak

In his intense love for Hasrat Ali (a.s.) Iqbal says that he does not like Plato’s reasoning and philosophical approach of things; what he is inspired with, is the God-given strength of Hazrat Ali (a.s.). Hazrat Ali (a.s.) had the physical and moral strength which has conquered our hearts.


خدا نے اس کو دیا ہے شکوہ سلطانی * کہ اس کے فقر میں ہے حیدری و کراری Khuda ne usko diya hai shikoh-e-sulfani, Ke uske faqr men hal Hayderi wa Karrari

Hazrat Ali (a.s.) led an extremely simple life. He lived on barley bread, renounced all worldly amenities, and yet by his physical strength and courage defeated the bravest of the Arab fighters, and spent his life spreading the mission of Islam. So, that person, who follows Hazrat Ali (a.s.) is really possessed of kingly grandeur and eminence. Being a pauper he has a contened heart, is submissive to God, and braves the onslaughts of the world.


بے جرأت رندانہ ہر عشق ہے روباہی ” بازو ہے قوی جس کا وہ عشق ید اللہی *

Bey jurat e rindana har ishq hai rohahi, Bazoo hai qavi jiska woh ishqe yadullahi

Allama Iqbal believes that true love does not admit of any fear or weaknesses, physical or moral. A true lover of God does not fear anybody except God. If his love succumbs to worldly influence, it is not true love. It is only cowardice. We should have before us an ideal like Hazrat Ali (a.s.) who was so powerful and strong that he could not be defeated by anybody. That is why he was called Yadullah or the “Hand of God.” Iqbal expects every muslim to have the same true love for God and fearlest spirit to defend the cause of Islam.


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