The Deputation of Tamin
Volume 1, Parts II.74.5
He (Ibn Sad) said: Muhammad IbnUmar informed us; he said:
Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah informed us on the authority of al-Zuhri; (second chain) he (Ibn Sad) said: Abd Allah Ibn Yazid related to us on the authority of Said lbnAmr; they said:
The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, sent Bishr Ibn Sufyan, who
was known as al-Nahhám al-Adawi to collect the sadaqah from Banu
Ka’b, a branch of Khuzáah. Then BanuAmr Ibn Jundub Ibn al-Anbar IbnAmr Ibn Tamim, who were staying there, came there. The (people
of) Khuzaah had collected their beasts to pay sadaqah. The Banu Tamim did not like it and refused. They took out their bows and unsheathed their swords. The tax-collector of zakáh approached the Prophet, may Allah bless him and informed him. He (Prophet) said: Who will meet these people? 'Uyaynah Ibn Badr al-Fazari volunteered. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, sent him with fifty horsemen of the Arabs; none of them was a muhajir or an ansar. He attacked them and captured eleven men, eleven women and thirty children. He carried them to al Madinah. Then a party of the chiefs of Banu Tamim consisting of 'Utarud lbn Hajib, al-Zibriqan Ibn Badr, Qays IbnAsim, Qays Ibn al Harith, Nu’aym Ibn Sad, al-Agra' Ibn Hábis, Riyah Ibn al-Harith, 'Amr Ibn al-Ahtam, came there. It is said they were ninety or eighty persons. They entered the mosque when Bilál had recited the adhán for zuhr prayers and the people were waiting for the emergence of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him; they were in a hurry, and they thought that he would come out late, so they cried: O Muhammad come to us. Thereupon the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, came out. Bilál called Iqamah (When the people congregate for prayers, the mu'adhdhin or some one else repeats the expressions of adhan in a low voice and adds qad qamet al-salah the rows for prayers are ready) then the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, offered al-zuhr prayers. Then they came to him. Al Aqra said: O Muhammad, permit me to (speak); by Allah, my praise
decks and my dispraise is disgrace. The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless
him, said: You are a liar. That rests in Allah the Magnificent, the High.
Then the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, went out and sat down.
Their orator delivered a speech, and he was ‘Utarud lbn Hajib.
Thereupon the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said to Thabit lbn
Qays Ibn Shammas: Give a reply to him. He gave a reply. Then they said:
O Muhammad! permit our poet. He permitted and al-Zibriqan lbn Badr
stood up and recited. Then the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him,
said to Hassan Ibn Thabit: Give a reply to him. He then repeated verses
like him. Then they said: By Allah, their speaker is superior to ours and
their poet is more excellent than ours, and they are more forbearing than
us. This verse was revealed relating to them: (“Lo! those who call thee
from behind the private apartments, most of them have no sense”. Qur’an,
49:4) The Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, said about Qays Ibn
‘Asim: He is the chief of the nomads. He then delivered the captives to
him and ordered the reward to be given to them as he did in case of other
Volume 1, Parts II.74.6
He (Ibn Sa’d) said: Muhammad lbn Umar informed us; he said: Rabiah
Ibn Uthman related to me on the authority of an old man who had been informed by a woman of Banu [P. 41] al-Najjar she said: I visualise the scene of that day the deputationists taking their rewards from Bilal, twelve ounces and a half each. She said: I noticed a boy who was the youngest of them and to whom he gave five ounces. It refers to Amr Ibn al-Ahtam.
Volume 1, Parts II.74.7
He (Ibn Sad) said: Hisham Ibn Muhammad informed us; he said: A member ofAbd al-Qays informed us; he said: Muhammad lbn Janáh,
the brother of Banu Ka’b Ibn Amr Ibn Tamim, related to me; he said: Sufyan Ibn al-Udhayl Ibn al-Harith Ibn Masad Ibn Mazin Ibn Dhuwayb
Ibn Ka’b Ibn Amr Ibn Tamim waited in a deputation on the Prophet, may Allah bless him, and embraced Islam. His son Qays said to him 0 my father! let me wait on the Prophet with you. He said: We shall shortly return to him. Volume 1, Parts II.74.8 He (Ibn Sa'd) said: Muhammad Ibn Janah related to me on the authority of Asim al-Ahwal (the squint eyed); he said: Qhunaym Ibn Qays Ibn Sufyan said: A rider came to us and conveyed the message of the demise of the Apostle of Allah, may Allah bless him, and His mercy and blessings be upon him. Thereupon we came out of our huts and said: May our fathers and mothers be sacrificed for the Apostles of Allah and I recited! "Hearken! the incident of Muhammad is my disaster. In his life-time I was stuck to my place, I was safe against the transgressing enemy" He (lbn Sad) said: Qays lbn Sufyan Ibn al-‘Udhayl died with al-`Ala
al-Hadrami at al-Bahrayn in the days (caliphate) of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq.
Thereupon a poet recited:
“If Qays has gone his way
He circumambulated the Apostle and saluted him”


Childhood of Maula Ali AlaihisSalam.

Maula Ali a.s was born three years
before the marriage of the Holy
Prophet (SAW) with Hazart Khadijah
a.s. Soon after his holy birth the Holy
Prophet (SAW) took him under his care
and Ali was like a son unto him. He
would live with the Prophet (SAW),
sleep with him, was fed by him,
washed and dressed by him, and even
carried by him on a sling whenever he
would go out. The historian Masoodee
in Isbath e Waseeyath p19 says that
when the Holy Prophet (SAW) married
Khadijah, she adopted him as her son.
Hazarth Ali a.s himself has described
his childhood in Khutbah e Qausaya;
saying that I was still a new born baby
when the Prophet (SAW) took me from
my parents. I would cling to him, he
would make me sleep in his bed,
pressing my body against his and
making me smell his fragrance and feel
its warmth; he would feed me, and
(when I grew a little older) he never
found me uttering a lie or feigning a
deceit. To me he was like a guiding star
and I would follow his actions and
deeds. I was attached to him like a
camel is attached to its mother. He
would place before me high values of
morality, and advised me to follow
them. Every year he would spend
some days at the grotto of Hira
mountain. I would be with him, I was
the only companion then and none
else could meet him at Hira. There, I
would see the light of revelation and
smell the fragrance of Prophethood.
Once Prophet (SAW) told me that ,”Ali
you have attained a very eminent
place, You see what I see and you hear
what I hear”.