Childhood of Maula Ali AlaihisSalam.

Maula Ali a.s was born three years
before the marriage of the Holy
Prophet (SAW) with Hazart Khadijah
a.s. Soon after his holy birth the Holy
Prophet (SAW) took him under his care
and Ali was like a son unto him. He
would live with the Prophet (SAW),
sleep with him, was fed by him,
washed and dressed by him, and even
carried by him on a sling whenever he
would go out. The historian Masoodee
in Isbath e Waseeyath p19 says that
when the Holy Prophet (SAW) married
Khadijah, she adopted him as her son.
Hazarth Ali a.s himself has described
his childhood in Khutbah e Qausaya;
saying that I was still a new born baby
when the Prophet (SAW) took me from
my parents. I would cling to him, he
would make me sleep in his bed,
pressing my body against his and
making me smell his fragrance and feel
its warmth; he would feed me, and
(when I grew a little older) he never
found me uttering a lie or feigning a
deceit. To me he was like a guiding star
and I would follow his actions and
deeds. I was attached to him like a
camel is attached to its mother. He
would place before me high values of
morality, and advised me to follow
them. Every year he would spend
some days at the grotto of Hira
mountain. I would be with him, I was
the only companion then and none
else could meet him at Hira. There, I
would see the light of revelation and
smell the fragrance of Prophethood.
Once Prophet (SAW) told me that ,”Ali
you have attained a very eminent
place, You see what I see and you hear
what I hear”.


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