Sarkar Waris declared that a person in this world would be worthy of praise, whose heart free is from envy and malice which is a special tradition of the Holy Prophet. He also told his devotees that the root cause of malice and enmity is the love of worldly goods. And one in whose view the worldly riches and honour have no values his heart is free from the dust of enmity. Sarkar Waris said the heart that entertains no love for worldly goods and is always absorbed in the narration of God’s name that heart free from the effect of malice and enmity.


Once Hakim Syed Abdul Alad Shah Sahib, desired to know the symptoms of truth and sincerity of seekers of path of truth. Out Saint replied that one whose heart is happy with the narration of God’s name and indifferent to the mentioning of worldly affairs, one can understand his heart is mature. A literate devotee desired to know the basis of politeness and how a beginner’s temperament becomes modest. The reply was with whomsoever you come across regard him as better and superior to you.

Once, during Our Saint’s stay at Bankipur, he was reading a narrative poem when mention was made about the specialization of courtesy. Our Saint spontaneously said beside the other qualities one who pays greater civility to mystic code of politeness, an obvious trait of his character is that whatever he promises he remembers and if he performs any favour he forgets it.

During the Kathak concourse of Warisi, one old and patched dress mendicant resigning himself to the will of God came to Our Saint. He was one of those whom the follower of Islam regards as a holy recluse. Our Saint in return asked the mendicant that he might be knowing who is a recluse. He meekly said that Our Saint knew better than him. Then Sarkar Waris explained that a real recluse is one who avoids everything connected with the world, curbs his passions, forgets all intention and regard all effects of hunger and satisfaction equally. Having nothing he should be self satisfied. When something comes it is to be distributed in the name of God. Hence Bayzeed Bastami says that a mendicant of Balakh asked him the definition of a recluse. In reply he said, ‘Eat if you get anything, and if nothing comes be patient.” But he said this quality is found in a dog also. Then he asked him the definition of a recluse. He said. “If you do not get anything be thankful. A well informed ‘mendicant is one behind whose back is the world and before his face, the fear of God. He also said that a mendicant whose connection with the world becomes bad and one who trusts God is successful


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