Sarkar Waris wide renowned and special quality was a fragrant scent emanating from his body which his devotees sniffed during their visit and unanimously acknowledged its exhilarating and soul-solacing fragrance. It may seem strange to the present generation as it is against nature but from reliable, and incontrovertible sources it has been proved that our Holy Prophet was gifted with this Divine quality which left a trail of fragrance over places through wh he passed. People were certain from the fragrance emanating in the atmosphere that our Prophet must have passed through those places. It is narrated in Hadith-e-Sahi that those

brides who were anointed with the fragrance of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be on Him) this divine fragrance was passed down in their children for generations to come.

It this authoritative report is witness to the effect this fragrance had on outsiders one can estimate its phenomenal effect on the Holy Prophet Who became celebrated just by this quality alone.

Thus in accordance with the above authoritative saying for instance among the descendants of the Holy Prophet a fortunate child was born in 13th Hijrah, the enchanting fragrance of whose body, a symptom of superiority, spread his fame in the world. Even those close companions and far off strangers were wonders truck with surprise. Even the other group of mystics acknowledge the unusual gift bestowed on him by the Almighty God.

His disciples were already aware of this enchanting fragrance. It’s another rare quality was, even Sarkar Waris’ clothes when they touched his body absorbed this fragrance and people would easily identify his clothes. Any cloth cotton, woollen or silk would immediately be saturated the moment they touched Sarkar’s sacred body. His “ehraam” cloth was always of different kinds and qualities because his devotees coming from different places were bringing clothes to present of different varieties.

Even to this day this unique quality of fragrance is not extinct and felt during the anniversary when his devotees of all religions from the highest to lowest level of society offer covering sheets to be spread over his-tomb, resting one above the other and are saturated with this fragrance from top to bottom.


In fact every portion of Sarkar’s body was a model of Divine art and for seventy years he bestowed gifts and blessing to people at large.

A few compilers of his biography have mentioned the special quality of his feet which were always clean from dust and mud. Although he never wore shoes, still no traces of impressions were left on the carpets or on the white bedsheets whenever he passed over them. Even after travelling bare-foot and passing over mire on the road in pouring rain it was a wonder his feet were clean, free from dirt and left no imprints. In spite of his travelling bare feet over wide expanse of desert, swamps, river valley, jungles and mountains his soles remained as clean as a new-born infant’s and softer than the skin on the cheeks in spite of walking through Hijaz, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Egypt Constantinople Syria, Halib, Aleppo and Europe.


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