Our saint’s way of speech was peerless and in its intrinsic and extrinsic value capable of satisfying the needy and spiritually guiding the people so as to fire them from heavy loads ofworldly entanglement’s Our Saint taught people that except repeating the invocation of God and thinking always of the Beloved, one should be inattentive to other matters. The necessities and desires of any of his devotee were fulfilled according to their quests and interests. From this point of view his comprehensive talks were unique and needed no further elucidation. His speeches from the point of eloquence though abstruse and always plunged in contemplation were pithy, clear and pleasant. His speeches were full of reliable idioms.

He would converse with his devotees in short sentences that could satisfy different people who came for solving their own questions. There were sparks of humility in his speeches free from arrogance and contempt against others, pure from stains of bias and sensuality but overflowing with love and truth.

The flow of language in his speeches was natural and flexible, able to uplift one’s soul to higher exaltation. Though his mother tongue was Urdu, he spoke with Arabs, afghans and Persians in their respective languages without formality and unhesitatingly.

If we view his speeches from the rhetorical point of view they were brimming with issues of spiritual anecdotes, truths of penury and the audience would be entirely on their tenterhooks.


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