Hadith Noor

Hadith Noor

The Holy Prophet (pbuh&hp) said: “Fourteen thousand years before Adam, upon whom be peace, was created, I and Ali were a light in the presence of God. When God created Adam, upon whom be peace, He divided it into two parts. I am one of the parts and Ali is the other part.”

● • ● ● Sunni Refernces: Al Muhibb al Tabari narrates this tradition on the authority of Salman (RA) from the Prophet (pbuh&hp) in al Riyad al Nadirah, ii, 163: Ahmad ibn Hanbal in al Fada’il; Sibt ibn al Jawzi in Tadhkirat AI­khawass, 46; Abu Hatim Muhammad ibn Idris al Razi in Zayn al Fata fi tafsir Surat Hal ata, MS.; Abd Allah ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal in Zawaid manaqib Amir al Muminin, MS., This tradition has also been narrated by also Ibn Mardawayh, Ibn Abd al Barr, al Khatib al Baghdadi, Ibn al Maghazili, al-Asimi, Shiruyah al Daylami and others from Imam Ali (AS), Salman (RA), Abu Dharr (RA), Anas ibn Malik (RA), Jabir ibn Abd Allah (RA) and other Companions.


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