When our Saint was camping at Faizabad a mahant (Hindu monk) came to meet him. Our Saint embraced and asked him to sit close by him Impressed by our Saint’s sincerity and gentle manners he said, “Maharaj, favour me with whatever you can give.”

Our saint smilingly asked, “What is the love of asceticism?” The mahant said, “I will accept whatever you favour me, I have come to pay my respect with ardent expectation that my desire would be fulfilled from your charitable rest house.”

Our saint got four tangerines (a kind of small oranges) and giving it to him said, “please depart, we will meet again.” Saluting our Saint he came out, and instead of going home sat there and was so absorbed about something that tears were flowing from his eyes but he was insensible to his actual condition. Learning of the Mahant’s pitiable condition our Saint said, “Mahant, in your love, you have lost your creed and world.” Whereupon the monk declared, “Even if I lose my faith and world I am prepared to forsake my life. But I have one last request, please honour my dwelling with your presence and partake of whatever humble food is available. If not I will set fire to every thing and retire to the jungle.”

Our Saint in a bantering tone said, “from now itself you have begun consigning everything to the flames of fire. It is your desire to take me to your habitation let us go tomorrow.” Hearing this happy news the Mahant made obeisance and took them to his dwelling place where he made them sit in a spacious room spread with an exquisite carpet. He had a similar room decked readily for Sarkar’s servants. Seeing his mansion and elaborate arrangement for a banquet, our saint came to know beside being a religious head he had every convenience to lead a comfortable life. The Mahant’s few Muslim secretaries were ready to cater to our Saint’s wishes with tight waist bands as a mark of respect. At night rich and delicious dishes were spread on the table. Our Saint as usual ate chapattis with broth. At midnight he learnt that the Mahant Saheb sought an interview with him. The Mahant came and after paying respects sat by his side. On seeing a pick -axe in his hands our Saint’s looked at it and the Mahant spoke, “Maharaj this pick-axe ready. Anything that is contrary here to your way of life and habit dig it our or if I am bidden I will uproot it.”

Our Saint said, “The God who is here is Ram. What shall we dismantle and what shall we rebuild again. One who discards the feeling of self he sees everywhere one entity.”

He entreated our Saint to make him his disciple to which he conceded his desire. Once again the Mahant with folded hands begged saying, “Guruji show me some charm for meditation.” Our Saint advising him said, whatever you want, temporal or spiritual do not forger the love of God. Travel for three years with belief and confidence, in God. On the way without any distinction of race and creed visit every temple and mosque and every shrine without bias. Do not fear, we will be with you.”

Next morning the Mahant made his followers, our Saint’s disciples. They were advised according to the capacity and ability or trust by our Saint. Other followers of the Mahant Hindus as well as Muslims joined Sarkar waris’ fold. In the evening our Saint returned to Jaunpur.


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