The same was the fate of his landed property. He neither built a house nor allowed a garden to be made on his own lands; his plea was that if a thing remained unutilized it is not worth while to be used and gave instance that it will remain unlighted in pitch darkness. This shows his final decision not to step in his paternal house. Even when he returned from Hijaz he remained in Daim Ali Shah’s house and he was frequently also residing in Mrs. Rajan’ shouse, where once a snake bit his finger and to remove its poison he cleaned it with water. The next morning he found the snake sitting near his room to intoxicate to move. Baba Rahim Shah was to put the snake into the tank.

Later on Marukh Shah, who was now designated as Karam Ahmad, offered his house as convenient for him. He made use of it for his stay. Near this house Raja Sir Andeep Singh Saheb Warsi, Taluqdar Ramnagar, Barabanki district constructed a new house in which our Saint began to reside. Its enclouser was built by Haji Sheikh Muhammad Ismail Saheb Warsi, resident of Bilchi, Bihar district and outer portion by Justice Sharaf-ud-Deen. Even today it is the eternal resting place of our Saint.

From this it is clear he had not constructed any house to remain but always spent his life in travelling. He referred to himself as a “traveller mendicant”; he had no house but every houseis a mendicant’s house. Every house every garden and every town had the honour to be called a”WARSI MANZIL, WARSI NAGAR, WARSI GANJ” AND “WARSI BAGH”

Conditions and events of his life corroborate with his solitary life which is rare and a unique example of its own. He entirely rid himself of human necessities and never even thought of them. For example a house provides a healthy life and is a safe resort to perpetftate longevity. He was reluctant to own it and every document of his paternal property, he consigned it to a watery grave, so that none could claim it. He preferred a life of travel a way of ups and downs of life.

Even food the source of human life and its perpetuity, he paid scanty attention. According to his saying “pious people do not think of hearth and grinding stone.”

In fact everything of comfort and rest he avoided and completely cut off worldly entanglements. He always referred “we are lion -cloth tightened people.” It is essential a mendicant should lead a lonely life, he should not entangle himself in love of his children. He also said “women, land and wealth are the source of worldly wrangles.” To remain free one should avoid them.

A mendicant should regard every woman as his mother and sister so he even avoided marriage. From the life and saying of pious people of antiquity the celibates were regarded as people of highest rank and status, because the researchers among the mystics have clearly portrayed the attributes of solitude and stated that solitude is a necessary result of compulsory love.

But with great to the benefit of celibacy and marriage there is a slight difference of opinion. Many eminent persons regard celibacy as excellent and others are in favour of marriage. Both the parties base their views according to way of life, verses and traditions.



God instructed the Prophet Muhammad to give the following command to the Muslims: “O believers! Let no community ridicule another community. It is likely that they may be better than those (who ridicule). Nor should women make fun of other women. It is likely that they may be better than those (who make fun). And do not offend or find fault with one another, nor call each other names. Calling someone wicked or indecent after (he embraces) faith is an extremely evil name. And those who do not turn to God in repentance, it is they who are the wrongdoers.”¹

Qur’an 49:11.

Zikr e Ummul Baneen Hazrat Fatima Binte Huzum Salamun Aleha

*13 Jamadi us Saani*

*Yaume Wisaal*
*Zoja e Mola e Kaynat Madar e Mola Ghazi Abbas Bibi Ummul Baneen Hazrat Fatima Binte Huzum Salamun Aleha*

*Aap Sahabi e Rasool Hazrat Syedna Huzam Razi Allahu Tala Anhu Aur Sahabiya e Rasool Hazrat Samama Razi Allahu Tala Anha Ki Sahabzadi Thi, Aap Mola e Kaynat Mola Imaam Ali Alaihis Salam Ki Zoja Mohtarma Aur Mola Ghazi Abbas Alamdar Alahis Salam Ki Walida Majida Thi, Aapka Wisaal 13 Jamadi us Saani 64 Hijri Mutabik 6 February 684 Esvi Me Hua, Aapka Mazar Mubarak Jannat ul Baqi Sharif, Madina Pak, Saudia Arabia Me Marjai Khaliak Hain…*

Barkat us Sadaat part 10 दुश्मन एहले बैत को इबादत काम नहीं आएगी और सादात का बेअदब कौन ?

दुश्मन एहले बैत को इबादत काम नहीं आएगी. इमाम तिबरानी व हाकिम हज़रत अब्दुल्लाह बिन अब्बास से रिवायत हैं कि रसूले पाक ने फरमाया (हदीस का आखरी हिस्सा मुलाहिजा फरमाऐं) :

अगर कोई शख़्स बैतुल्लाह के एक कोने और मुकाम इब्राहीम के दर्मियान कयाम करे नमाज़ पढ़े और रोज़े रखे फिर वह एहले बैत की दुश्मनी पर मर जाए तो वह जहन्नम में जाएगा। (बरकात आल रसूल स. 257, ख़साईसुल कुबरा जि. 2 स. 565 इमाम सीयूती)

सादात का बेअदब कौन ?

इब्ने अदी और इमाम बैहकी “शुभेबुल ईमान” में हज़रत सैयदना अली मुरतजा से रिवायत हैं कि रसूले करीम ने फ़रमाया:

जो शख़्स मेरी इतरते तय्यबा और अंसार किराम को नहीं पहचानता (यानी ताज़ीम नहीं करता) तो उसकी तीन में से कोई एक वजह होगी या वह मुनाफिक है या वल्दुल ज़िना है या जब उसकी माँ हामला हुई होगी तो वह पाक नहीं होगी।” (बरकात आले रसूल 4 258)