Accord is exact proof of love. It is no wonder his other qualities due to the ffect of exaltation of the attributes of surrender to the will of God, might have remained indistinct. Along with this the sayings of Hazrat Habib Ajmi deserves consideration. He said relating clearly concerning the high rank of surrendering to the will of God, Its relation is with the heart; the quality of which should not be published. But ill-feeling of difference and misunderstanding due to animosity in which it is held, may affect the ability to resign to the will of God. Hence discord it may be said is entire aversion and accord is associated with the heart. The difference between the two is-one is blameworthy and the other praiseworthy. Discord is an attribute of foe and accord is the habit of friend. The heart is their source of origin one or the other of which has deep relation with heart and due to their influence on human faculties, their precepts and practices come openly in favour of discord or accord with respective vices.

In short when the effect of discord and accord becomes apparent from man’s precepts and practices or in other words it may be said the intrinsic value of man’s heart can be know from his mode of talk and the way of his manners.

From this clear explanation we can come to know the effects of this attribute on the heart of our Saint and which was most proper in shaping his precepts and practices. Regarding the effect of the attribute of discord it may be said with certainty that our Saint’s heart was so brilliantly illuminated, the glowing effect of concord on which even the shadow of unpleasant ill-feeling and enmity never fell. From the way of life and practice it is clear that he hated discord, never thought anyone as enemy or never entertained feelings of animosity against others. Our Saint regarded everyone as friend and innocent creature of God irrespective of his caste and creed, viewed with friendly eye subjects of others nations and followers of diverse religions. Concord and amity in every community professing diverse creeds and acknowledging respect and loyalty to their motherland was his ideal and ultimate goal of life. By Divine Grace his heart was pure from the ting of bias, ill-feelings and communal animosity. Whenever a Hindu, Christian, Parsi or Jew cam to seek his spiritual blessings he treated them all alike and made no invidious difference.

Our Saint’s warmth of affection and behaviour of equal treatment with every community professing diverse creeds and nationalities and others who were firm believers of their ancestor’s religion became his devoted disciples.

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