The Prophet advocated for social integration and maintaining ties with people. When the Prophet emigrated to Medina, he created a city-state which united peoples of different tribes and religions. One of the first pacts he made was the pact of brotherhood between the Aws and Khazraj tribes, who were broiled in a bitter civil war over many generations. Through the message of Islam, the beloved Prophet of God united the people of these two tribes and ended their renowned feud.

Another pact was the brotherhood between the Helpers of Medina and the Emigrants from Mecca. He took one person from the Helpers of Medina and made him a brother of one of the people among the Emigrants of Mecca. He taught the Helpers to share their resources with the Emigrants and to remove the disparity in wealth between them. He also made a pact between the Muslims and Jews and united them as a single nation. All of these were the efforts the Prophet made to bring people together and to remove hatred between them.

On one occasion the beloved Prophet said: “The glory of the believers lies in brotherhood. They do not subject each other to torture, coercion, oppression, terrorism and vandalism. Nor do they usurp on another’s wealth or are thirsty for eachother’s blood. They protect and love each other and hide each other’s fault.”

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