Rare Justice: Judgements, Decisions and Answers to Difficult Questions part 13

Compensation of a part of the Tongue:

It has been described in the “Majmua” by Ibn-i-Maizaban that a man came to Hazrat Omar, (RA) and complained to him that a man had cut a part of his tongue with the result that he could not speak properly.

Hazrat Omar (RA) found it difficult to fix the penalty for that crime. He, therefore, turned to Hazrat Ali (A) who was present at that time for a solution as to whether penalty for the whole tongue should be fixed or for the part which was cut and as to what should be the amount of the penalty?

Hazrat Ali. (A) advised him to let the man pronounce all the alphabets. The number of the alphabets he could not pronounce or pronounced with difficulty should be deducted from the total number of the alphabets of the Arabic language and the penalty should be fixed accordingly.

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