Imam Hussain AlahisSalam ensures True Process of Caliphate and for the Protection of Truth

Imam Husain raised his head against the fake people because of this fact only. He was so much against the prevailing situation that, had a single person not joined him, even then, he would have advanced alone to fight with the tyrants. One hundred and fifty letters were written to Hazrat Imam Husain by the people of Iraq saying that one lac of people were with him. They added that they followed him only because they had faith in none else but him only.

For Imam Husain, it was necessary to accept this proposal. There was only one question that, whether they would stand with him till the last moment. To confirm this, he sent his cousin Hazrat Muslim to Kufa with a letter that said, “We came to know about your wish to join us. I am sending my brother Muslim-ibne-Aqeel for confirmation. In case you are firm in your decision about my Caliphate, Aqeel will inform me and then; I will come to Kufa.”

Hazrat Muslim was warmly received and eighteen thousand people took the oath of allegiance to Hazrat Imam Husain. Thirty thousand, nay forty thousand, people were eagerly waiting for allegiance.

Hazrat Muslim reported the development in the situation to Hazrat Imam Husain. He added that the circumstances were in favour and also invited him there. Now it was obligatory for him to go to Kufa for the sake of the actual process of the caliphate and for the protection of truth. This was to follow the foot-steps of Huzur. It was also necessary for him to take the Muslims with him so that their faith should be stronger. This was in order to enliven the tradition of Huzur Nabi Pakﷺ. It may also purify their fath from the polluted effects of the antagonists. This would also save from the vicious effects of Yazid and his sinful behaviour. He left Mecca Mu’azzama for Kufa. On the way to Kufa, before Karbala, at Bayeza, he said in his sermon,

“0′ people! Rasulallah Akram said, “If a caliph is a tyrannical and oppressive, who considers the lawful things declared by Allah to be unlawful. He breaks Divine covenants, opposes the path of the Prophet and oppresses the people. The Holy Prophet has said that in such circumstances if someone does not restrain such a caliph with his words and conduct from committing evil deeds, it is necessary for Allah to send him to the same place to which He sends that oppressive caliph. ”

O’ you, who have supported and followed the evil(satanic) persons and have left the path of truth, taken more share from the public funds than the rightful one, accepted forbidden ways and means leaving the ones granted by Allah, be alert. I will destroy you. (Kamil Ibn-e-A’sir)

In this sermon, he has shown the greatest importance of the rightful path and the religious rules and regulations. To skip over this, would earn one only the fire of hell and nothing less than that.

This also shows Yazid’s and his ancestors’ faulty and immoral ways of life. He had enumerated the following points:

• They never obeyed Allah’s commands.

● Their model for life was Satan, the devil.

Their main activity was harassment.

• They had left all the rules and regulations of Islam and obedience to Allah.

The distribution of public fund was mismanaged and from that most of the share, rather more than for what they were entitled to, was taken by them.

The demarcating line between the right and wrong deeds was done away with. They disobeyed Allah’s most important orders and behaved absolutely in the opposite manners. ●

• They were torturing the one who obeyed Allah’s commandments. They totally neglected the traditions recommended by Rasul-eKhuda.

See what a great down falling of religion. Would Imam Husain bow his head to this situation and submit? Never! Hazrat Ibn-e-Masood describes that Huzur said,

Translation: “Among you people, there will be such people who would avoid the traditions of the prophet. They would live vicious lives and offer prayers when the time is over.”

Hazrat Ibn-e-Masood says, he requested Huzur, “O Prophet of Allah! If I live during these people’s age, how should I live on the principles of Islam? He said, “O Ibn-e-Masood, you ask me how you should live? Listen, one who disobeys Allah can never be forgiven. “(Jama’alu Favaid) >>

Now there was no question of supporting and cooperating a vicious man like Yazid. Not only that but if a group was getting ready to fight with him, it was the duty of every Muslim to support them and fight with Yazid. If any pious and sober person, who lives according to the principles of Islam, is asked to perform the duties of Caliph, he should accept the proposal and carry on social, religious and political affairs on the basis of commandments given by Allah. He should tighten his belts to dethrone the improper person from the seat and establish a real government. Shortly a Hadith, from Muslim Vol. 1, is going to be described which says that this type of rebel is absolutely religious and it strengthens the faith towards GNO Allah. Hazrat Imam Husain has presented an example of this type of rebel which has no parallel in the History of Islam. Just some moments before Huzur final exit, he said, “I have bestowed my bravery to Husain. “

With other Imams, Imam-e-Aazam Imam Abu Hanifa also thinks that to rebel against the vicious and tyrant governor is much better than when Hasan-i Iraq. He performing twenty-five or seventy pilgrimages to Mecca (Hajj). Hence Hazrat Nafas Zakia Muhammad-ibne-Abdullah-ibne-Hasan-ibneibne-Ali rebelled against the tortures and tyranny of Mansoor and when his brother Hazrat Ibrahim raised head against this in Imam Abu Hanifa encouraged and inspired people to join them. told people that to help and stand by the true Caliph of time is as pious beneficial work as 50 or 70 Hajj. He considered this rebel more valuable than the one against the non-believers. To remove the fake Caliph the seat of a religious leader is more obligatory than all other rebels. When Abu Is’haq Astari complained Imam Abu Hanifa about his advice his brother for joining Ibrahim for the war and his consequent death, he said, “Your brother’s rebel and martyrdom is and from 10 Abbasi

better than your act of raising head against the wrongs.”

Imam Abu Bakr Jisas has briefly described it in these words, “I like your brother’s rebel better than your war against the fake imams.” Imam Abubakr Jisas Razi writes in Ahkamul Quran Vol. 1:

Translation: “Your persuasion of religion is very popular with regard to cruel people snatched away power and behaved in any way they liked.”

the rebel against the tyrant and cruel ruler. For this, Imam Avazai said We have tolerated all of Abu Hanifa’s behaviour. But when he brought his sword out and told us to fight with the tyrants, we could not tolerate.’ It is his order to support good actions and oppose the forbidden works. Firstly verbal discussion should be undertaken. Even then, if the tyrant does not come round, swords should be pulled out of the sheaths. This has been confirmed by Huzur and all the Hadiths and the Holy Book also say the same thing. Some ignorant people consider the war against the rivals to be bad. This has greatly harmed Islam.” Considering this to be historical evidence, Imam Jisas Shahi writes, “This is the point to which the unexperienced experts have considered to be bad. It is because of this that the new thoughts were prevented. The result was, the vicious and

(Ahkamul Quran Vol. 1)

It is a matter of great surprise why those experts of Hadiths denied to open war against the tyrant and cruel Caliph. Hadiths give utmost importance to such matter. It has been stated in Sahih Muslim Vol. 1 that Rasulallah said, “The messengers who were sent by Allah, the Almighty, before me, had their companions and supporters, who used to follow their way of life (Sunnah) and obey their instructions. After such companions and supporters, there came such people who were not faithful to their words, i.e. they did not live as they talked and, lived on the principles which were forbidden by Him. The person, who rebels against these people either in words, actions or with heart, is a real Muslim (Momin).


मोतियों का सौदागर

मोतियों का सौदागर

हज़रत हसन बसरी अलैहिर्रहमः शुरू में मोतियों और जवाहरात के सौदागर थे। किस्म-किस्म के मोती और जवाहरात की आपकी तिजारत करते और बड़े-बड़े बादशाहों के पास जवाहरात तोहफे में जाकर पेश करते थे। एक दफा कुछ जवाहरात हरकुल बादशाहे रोम के पास लेकर गये। पहले वज़ीर से मिले और अपने आने का और बादशाह की ख़िदमत में तोहफा लाने का हल ब्यान किया। वज़ीर ने कहा कल तो बादशाह को एक निहायत ज़रूरी काम है इसलिये फुरसत न होगी। वह काम देखने के काबिल है। हज़रत हसन ने कहा कि मैं जरूर देखूंगा। वज़ीर ने हज़रत हसन को लेकर एक जगह मैदान में ठहराया। उस मैदान में एक खेमा ज़री का कायम था । इसके आस पास आला दर्जे के मख़मल का फर्श था। खेमे की तनाबें ज़री की थीं। इसकी चोबें चांदी की थीं, मेखें सोने की थीं, निहायत देखने के काबिल मज़र था। वज़ीर ने हज़रत हसन को खेमे के उख़ब में चिलमन के पीछे खड़ा ● किया कि जिस जगह से हज़रत हसन ने सारा तमाशा देख लिया। यह खेमा दरअसल शाह हरकुल के अजीज़ फरजंद की कब्र पर खड़ा था और आज उसकी सालाना बरसी का दिन था। बादशाह सालाना रस्मे तअज़ियत अदा करने यहां आया था। का

खड़े हज़रत हसन ने देखा कि पहले एक जमाअत मुक़द्दस ईसाई लोगों की खेमे के अंदर आयी। वह क़ब्र के पास होकर कुछ पढ़ने लगे और फिर रोते हुए निकलते चले गये। इसके बाद एक जमाअत तबीबों (हकीमों) की और बड़े-बड़े जीअक्ल (अक़्ल वाले) लोगों की आयी। ये लोग भी नंगे सिर कब्र के पास खड़े रोते रहे। थोड़ी देर के बाद निकल कर चले गये। उनके बाद फ़ौज के अफसरों की जमाअत नंगी तलवारें लेकर खेमे के अंदर आयी वह भी कब्र की सलामी उतारकर नाकाम वापस गयी। नौजवान लोगों के बाद एक झुंड नौजवान औरतों का आया जिनके सिर के बाद खुले थे उनके हाथों में सोने की थालियां थीं जिनमें मोती और जवाहरात भरे थे। उन औरतों ने कब्र का तवाफ किया और बहुत रोकर यह भी ख़मे से बाहर चली गयीं उन सबके बाद बादशाह खुद खेमे के अंदर आया और क़ब्र के पास खड़ा होकर कहने लगाः बेटा! तू मुझे बहुत प्यारा था मगर अफ़सोस कि तू मर गया। अगर मुझे यह मालूम हो जाये कि जिस ने तेरी जान ली है वह इन बड़े बड़े राहिबों और पादरियों का कहा मानकर तेरी जान वापस कर देगा तो यह बड़े बड़े ईसाई राहिब उस काम के लिये तेरे पास हाज़िर हैं। मगर मैं जानता हूं कि उनके कहने से कुछ न होगा। अगर मुझे यह मालूम हो से जाये कि अक्लमंद और तबीबों की तदबीर करने से तेरी जान खुदा तुझे बख्श देगा तो यह बहुत बड़ी जमाअत तबीबों और बड़े बड़े अक्लमंदों की तेरी कब्र के पास खड़ी है और तेरी रिहाई की तदबीरें करने को मौजूद हैं। मगर मैं जानता हूं कि तुझे ऐसे ज़बरदस्त ने मारा है कि उसके सामने किसी की तदबीर नहीं चलती। ऐ फरजंद ! अगर तुझे यह मालूम हो जाये कि जिसने तेरी जान निकाली है, वह किसी बड़ी फौज से डर कर तुझे छोड़ देगा तो यह कसीर फ़ौज और फ़ौज के अफसर तुझे कैद से छुड़ाने को तेरी क़ब्र के पास मौजूद हैं। लेकिन जिस ने तुझे कैद किया है वह ऐसा ज़बरदस्त खुदा है कि कोई फ़ौज उसके सामने कोई हस्ती नहीं रखती। ऐ फरजंद! अगर मुझे यह मालूम हो जाये कि जिसने तुझे मारा है वह हसीन और खूबसूरत औरतों का तालिब है। हसीन औरतें लेकर तुझे छोड़ देगा तो यह खूबसूरत औरतों की जमाअत हाज़िर है। मगर मैं जानता हूं कि न व हसीन औरतों का तालिब है, न माल व जवाहर का चाहने वाला । अब वह तुझे किसी तरह न छोड़ेगा। इसलिये अब मैं तुझसे फिर एक साल के लिये रुख़सत होता हूं। यह कहकर बादशाह खेमे से बाहर निकल आया । सब लोग क़ब्र के पास
से रुखसत हुए।

हज़रत हसन ने यह वाक़िया देखा तो दिल पर ऐसा असर पड़ा कि दुनिया से तबीयत यकलख़्त हट गयी और आपने आइंदा दुनिया के जवाहरात पीछे छोड़कर आख़िरत के जवाहरात खरीदने शुरू कर दियें। दुनिया के तमाम कारोबार से अलग होकर इस फिक्र में पड़ गये कि आख़िरत का जवाहरात इकट्ठा करें। बसरे में आकर कसम खाई कि अब इस दुनिया में कभी हसूंगा नहीं। फिर इबादत व मुजाहिदे में कुछ इस तरह मशगूल हो गये कि उस ज़माने में कोई वैसा न था। सत्तर बरस तक तादमे जीस्त (यानी मरते दम तक) बे-वुजू न रहे। (तज़किरतुल औलिया, सफा ७६-७७) सबक: अल्लाह तआल बड़ी ताकृत और कुदरत का मालिक है। इसके मुकाबले में बड़े बड़े दाना व तबीब और बड़ी बड़ी फौजें और बड़े बड़े लशकर कुछ भी हैसियत नहीं रखते। और उसका कुछ भी नहीं बिगाड़ सकते । यह