Zikr e Hazrat Syed Shah Sheikh Ali Hussaini Rifai Al Qadri Rehmatullah alaih.

🌹 *Hazrat Syed Shah Sheikh Ali Hussaini Rifai Al Qadri* Almaroof *Sangde Sultan Mushkil Aasaan Rahmatullah Alaih,* Kandhar Sharif, Nanded,Maharashtra, India. 🌹

The area of *Deccan* was the centre of knowledge & Sufism since the olden times. *Qandhar* which is Taluka place of *Nanded* district in *Maharashtra* no doubt was the centre of the knowledge.

His holy name is *Hazrat Syed Shah Sheikh Ali Sangde Sultan* Rahmatullah Alaih.During the last period of the 8th century Hijri,in the *770* Hijri,he was born at the place of *Qandhar Sharif.* Hazrat Sangde Sultan’s *Genealogical link* connected with the *13th Generation of Qutbul Aqtab Hazrat Syed Ahmad Kabeer Rifai Mashooq Allah* Rahmatullah Alaih, the founder of *Rifai* silsila in *the Middle East Asia, Basra in Iraq.* He belongs to the member of *Saadat* (Holy Prophet’s descendants through his daughter *Hazrat Syeda Fatima* Radi Allah Ta’ala Anha) *Hussaini family.*

His Great Grandfather *Hazrat Syed Sheikh Ibrahim Rifai* Rahmatullah Alaih is a *Sipahsaalar* (Chief of Army) & *Hazrat Haji Sayyah Sarware Makhdoom* Rahmatullah Alaih who came to the *Deccan Region (Daulatabad)* in *725 Hijri* along with the army of *the Sultan of Delhi Muhammad Tughlaq* after the wisal (Death) of *Hazrat Nizamuddin auliya* Rahmatullah Alaih of Delhi.Due to the love & friendship between Hazrat Haji Sayyah Sarware Makhdoom Rahmatullah Alaih & Hazrat Syed Sheikh Ibrahim Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih both of them were settled down in *Qandhar Sharif* and spread the islam & it’s teachings.His Great Grandfather was stayed long time with Hazrat Haji Sayyah Sarware Makhdoom Rahmatullah Alaih.Thus Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Rahmatullah Alaih also benefitted from both *Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Rahmatullah Alaih* & *Hazrat Haji Sayyah Sarware Makhdoom Qandhari Rahmatullah Alaih.*

After spending some time in Qandhar, *Hazrat Syed Sheikh Ibrahim Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih* went to *Kalyani Paragana (Now Chitguppa)* in Karnataka where he died.

He Had a son *Hazrat Syed Shah Sheikh Muhammad Zakaria Rifai* Rahmatullah Alaih who was a noble person & always busy in the prayers (ibadat) and zikr.*Hazrat Haji Sayyah Sarware Makhdoom Rahmatullah Alaih* given him the title (Laqab) of *Zakariya*.He was *Grandfather* of Hazrat Sangde Sultan.He had a son named *Hazrat Syed Shah Sheikh Ahmad Rifai* Rahmatullah Alaih who was the the *father* of Hazrat Sangde Sultan. Hazrat Sangde Sultan took *bait (spiritual oath)* at the hands of his his father in *Rifai,Qadri, Chishti and Suharwardi* sufi orders (Silsila),continued to live on the banks of the lake at Qandhar Sharif.

Hazrat Sangde Sultan Dargah which is famous even today.Allah solves all the problems of a person who visits his dargah.Several thousand of devotees from near & far, irrespective of religion & beliefs,gather there to seek blessings.Hazrat Sangde Sultan,who was great *Aalim* (Learned Person) of his time as well as he was the best *Author* of his time.But it is very sad to know that due to destruction & ruin his books which were written by him have vanished away from this world in the long running of time.He died at on *8th Safar* in the year *856* Hijri islamic year (29 February,1452 A.D.) & was burried in Qandhar Sharif.His mausoleum place is well known as *Rouza e Khurd*.The Shrine (dargah) has a dome on its square architecture inside.There is a Mosque & Khanqah also present.

*Hazrat Amir Hamza* Rahmatullah Alaih has discussed the *genealogy* of Hazrat Sangde Sultan,in which he has traced the lineage of Hazrat Sangde Sultan to the *Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ* through *34 blood descendants*.

➡️ Story Behind the *”Sheikh”* title of *Hazrat Sangde Sultan* :

*Sangde Sultan* is his title (Laqab) & which was inseperable part & which is *more famous* than his real name *Hazrat Syed Shah Ali Hussaini Rifai* Rahmatullah Aliah.To his Great Grandfather Hazrat Syed Ibrahim Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih was given the tittle of *Sheikh* two times from the court of *Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya* Rahmatullah Alaih of Delhi by his favour of his kindness,affection & due to respect and admiration he was used this tittle *Sheikh* before his name.This tradition was followed by his Lineage & till it was reached to Hazrat Sangde Sultan & he used it in the tradition of his Great Grandfather.

*Hazrat Ziauddin Biyabani* Rahmatullah Alaih is a *Sufi* whose dargah is at *Ambad* near Jalna district of Maharashtra & he is a nephew of Hazrat Sangde Sultan.Hazrat Sangde Sultan’s sister married to *Hazrat Abdul Kareem Biabani Rahmatullah Alaih* who is the father of *Hazrat Ziauddin Biabani Rahmatullah Alaih*. Hazrat Ziauddin Biabani Rahmatullah Alaih had the *Khilafat* from Hazrat Sangde Sultan.he had collected all the letters in his Persian book *Matlub-ut-Talibeen.* which were written by his Shaykh Hazrat Sangde Sultan Rahmatullah Alaih to him.

➡️ *About the famous tittle (Laqab) “Hazrat Sangde Sultan Mushkil Aasan” :*

Hazrat Sangde Sultan travelled so much times in his life including the region *Khorasan (Iran), Arab, Punjab, Sindh & Daulatabad.*

There are various explanations of this particular name have been offered to *Hazrat Sangde Sultan Mushkil Aasan*

1) *Sangad* was area near the border of *Sindh* Province in *Punjab*.The people there were greatly influenced by the speech of Sultan about spiritual honesty,worship practices as well as by miracles (Karamats) performed by him.After seeing these specialties thousands of people of sindh accepted islam & took bait (spiritual oath) on his hands & became Murids (Disciples) of him at the time of Sindh tour of Hazrat Sangde Sultan.

2) This tittle (Laqab) has come for his honesty & his murids belief that whenever they take waseela of him Allah almighty solve their problems.So he become more popular that *his murids* began calling him as *Hazrat Sangde Sultan Mushkil Aasan*

3) *Sang* (Bhala/Barchi) is a long spear,Hazrat Sangde Sultan has *mastery* in fighting with a spear in the battle.There were no person near him in this art of fighting by using the spear as a weapon at his time.The two long spear is still present in his shrine (dargah).

4) Another famous theory state that,There was a *Sangad named magician* in the *Daulatabad* who troubled so much to the people at that time there.After hearing this,Hazrat Sangde Sultan went to Daulatabad,stayed there performed a *Chilla* (meditation) & eventually defeated Sangad Magician.This Chilla is present even today also on the platform above the subterranean passage in the *Daulatabad fort*

➡️ *Hazrat Sangde Sultan’s Family :*

Hazrat Sangde Sultan had two wives named *Hazrat Jamal Bibi Saheba* & *Hazrat Tara Bibi Saheba*.Hazrat Tara Bibi saheba was childless,but Hazrat Jamal Bibi Saheba had three sons.

1) Hazrat Syed Shah Azeemuddin Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih

2) Hazrat Syed Shah Ahmad Manjhle Chilledar Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih

3) Hazrat Syed Shah Moinuddin Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih

Hazrat Sangde Sultan had given his Khilafat & Spiritual Power to his second son Hazrat Syed Shah Ahmad Manjhle Chilledar Rahmatullah Alaih.The title (Laqab) of *Chilledar* due to he was performed lots of Chilla (Busy in meditation) during his life.So he was *first Khalifa* and *first Sajjadanasheen* of Hazrat Sangde Sultan.His shrine (Dargah) also within the same place in Qandhar.Hazrat Sangde Sultan’s family lineage was continued from his second son Hazrat Syed Shah Ahmad Manjhle Chilledar Rifai Rahmatullah Alaih.First son & third son are popularly known as *Shah Dhadak* & *Shah Kadak*.The Shrine (dargah) of both of them west side in Qandhar.The Urs of both of them is celebrated on *10th Safar* after the Urs of Hazrat Sangde Sultan.

➡️ *The Urs of Hazrat Sangde Sultan :*

Peoples of various walks of life,irrespective caste and creed gather to celebrate the *Urs of Hazrat Sangde Sultan* which takes place on *8th Safar* of Muslim Calendar month at his famous Shrine (Dargah) in Qandhar Sharif every year. In this year 2022, his *588 Urs* celebrated with great respect and solemnity under the *Custodian & Sajjadanasheen,Peer-e-Tariqat Hazrat Moulana Syed Shah Anwarullah Hussaini Rifai Al Qadri Da’amat Barkatahu.*


Mera Ye Beta Sardar Hai

*Mera Ye Beta Sardar Hai*

Hazrat Said Bin Abi Said Al-Maqburi Ne Bayan Kiya Ke Hum Hazrat Syedna Abu Hurairah Razi Allahu Tala Anhu Ke Saath The Ke Hazrat Syedna Imaam Hasan Mujtuba Alaihis Salam Hamare Pas Tashreef Laye Unhone Aate Hi Salam Kiya Humne Unke Salam Ka Jawab Diya Syedna Abu Hurairah Ko Unke Aane Ka ilm Na Hua Humne Unko Bataya Ke Syedna Hasan ibn Ali Alaihis Salam Salam Keh Rahe Hain Chunache *Syedna Abu Hurairah Unse Mile Aur Unko Salam Ka Yu Jawab Diya “Walaikumassalam Mere Aaqa”* Fir Syedna Abu Hurairah Ne Humse Kaha Mene Unke Baare Me *Rasoolullah ﷺ Ko Farmate Hue Suna Hai:- Ke Mera Ye Beta Sardar Hai. (Yaani Imaam Hasan Mujtuba Alahis Salam)…*

📚 Reference 📚

Al Mustadrak, Hadees No:- 4792.

Imam Hakim Aur Imaam Zahabi Ne Hadees Ko Sahi Qarar Diya Hai…