Jung e Jamal part 2

Amir-ul-Mominin Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam we leaving for Iraq for the settlement of the quarrel

Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam received the complete report of Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha movement for ‘an eye for an eye’ revenge of Hazrat Uthman murder, and he also came to know that they were going to Basra intending to selfish .. occupy the treasure of Bait ul Maal of Iraq. There were some people whose purpose was only to add fuel to the fire and serve their vested interests. All the while, he was worried about this. His top priority. duty was to prevent these black sheep and to save the Caliphate from this down-fall. All this was very difficult, not only that but, it was almost impossible. There was no other option for him except personally going to Basra because; the rebels were not ready to listen to anybody except Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha Hazrat Talha Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Zubair Radiallahu anhoo. Hence it was very essential for Amir-ul-Mominin to go to Basra. Aini Shahr Bukhari (name of a book) states that he set forth along with four thousand pious people of Medina who, along with others, include four hundred Asha’ab-eHudebiya and eight hundred Ansars. From the evidence of some books, it is found that there were people of Badr also. As Hazrat Sa’ad Radiallahu anhoo, Hazrat Usama Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Ibn-e-Umar Radiallahu anhoo were not sure which way to go, and they expressed their helplessness for not going with them. But, afterwards, they realized that Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam decision of going to Iraq was a proper one, and he was on the right path.

The discussion by Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam about the reasons and purpose behind going to Basra was a result of sharp wisdom and intelligence. So, when he declared his decision about going to Basra, Hazarat-e-Uqba Ibn-e-Amir (who was a Badri Saha’abi) presented himself before the Caliph and from the side of Ansars, put up a proposal, “It is not fair for you to leave Darul Khilafat. For you, there are sufficient numbers of people to sacrifice their lives on your command. Whatever you order them, they will do accordingly.” He replied, “It is true. But the control of rebels on Iraq will multiply our difficulties. There is a massive colony of Muslims there. Their treasury (Bait ul Maal) also is full of wealth. For that, my being there is necessary.”

Right from the beginning, Amir-ul-Mominin earnestly wished that the Musalmans keep themselves away from aggression, opposition, quarrels and social disturbances and, strengthen the Caliphate by reverence, support and respect. Hence, when he sent a messenger to Kufa for the help, he gave him a letter as a document, wherein he wrote, “We wish that this community regains strength and unity.”

After this, Amirul-ul-Mominin departed with the intention of regaining and establishing the Caliphate Regin (Khilafat-e-Rashida), protecting it from any unpalatable consequences, ultimately making the community happy and united with the creation of suitable circumstances. He received news at Ze’eqar that Hazrat Talha Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Zubeir Radiallahu anhoo had reached to Basra and also came to know that the people had accepted them as their spiritual leaders. The situation was very delicate. From here, he sent Hazrat Hasan AlahisSalam and Hazrat Ammar Ibn-e-Yasir Radiallahu anhoo to Kufa with an appeal for help. Hazrat Imam Hasan AlahisSalam to delivered a lecture from Jama Masjid of Kufa appealing to extend their cooperation to Amir-ul-Mominin. Hazrat Hajari Ibn-e-Adi Radiallahu anhoo well-known, respected elderly Sahaabi of high calibre, supported Hazrat Hasan AlahisSalam appeal and said

“O’people ! Amir-ul-Mominin has sent his son to appeal you to cooperate and support in his mission. Please accept the invitation, gather together under the Alam-e-Haidari (leadership of caliph) and do away with the fire of enmity and hatred. I am ready to lead you all towards him.”

The shouts of Labbaik have heard from all four directions, and an army of ten thousand young warriors gathered together for the march with Hazrat Hasan AlahisSalam. They directly went to Ze’eqar and amalgamated in the army of Amir-ul- Mominin.

Efforts of Amir-ul-Momininkite for proper understanding

Amir-ul-Mominin was very eagerly and strenuously trying to patch up the rebels, and the war could be avoided. With this purpose, he sent a very pious gentry, Hazrat Ka’akaa’ Radiallahu anhoo to Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha Hazrat Talha and Hazrat Zubair for positive understanding and compromise. All those three people talked to him. The conversation is given below:

Hazrat Ka’akaa’a Radiallahu anhoo: “Why, you, the respected people, have come to Basra?”

Answer: “For the welfare of the people.” Hazrat Ka’akaa’ala “Please let us know what your meaning of welfare is. If it is clarified, we also will do the same thing.”

Answer: “The purpose is to take revenge on Hazrat Uthman’ seis death. If the murderer is pardoned, it would mean the disobedience of the Holy Quran, and if the revenge of ‘eye for an eye’ is taken, it would mean obeying the Holy Book.”

Hazrat Ka’akaa’at “You gentlemen, you have killed some of the people from the group of Basra who joined hands with the team who killed Hazrat UthmaneAs a result of this, six thousand Basarites withdrew from you. Harkus is one of the participants of the killer group. You people tried to arrest him, but the very six thousand people, who had left you, came forward to save him. And you were helpless to relieve him. In this way, you are missing the very point, on which you are trying to take revenge. Therefore, please do not create troubles for the whole community. This will ruin both the communities. This is not a matter of killing one man or some persons or one community. But this can spread bloodshed throughout the human world.” Hazrat Ka’akaa’a Radiallahu anhoo talk was so appropriate and proper, looking to the situation that, Hazrat Ayesha, Hazrat Talha Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Zubeir Radiallahu anhoo were much impressed by it and said that what he had said was absolutely right. They said, “Let us ask Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam, If he shares your thought, then the matter is clear, and we can hope for compromise.”

Hazrat Ka’akaa’a Radiallahu anhoo told this good news to Amir-ul-Mominins. He was very much pleased that Hazrat Ayesha SalamUllahAlaiha, Hazrat Talha Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Zubair Radiallahu anhoo came round. Then he ordered his army, “Let us keep our behaviour and language under control when we interact with Hazrat Talha Radiallahu anhoo and Hazrat Zubair Radiallahu anhoo and let us wait with patience for the time and changes to come. Control your hands from being raised to beat, Today the man who initiates war, tomorrow, by Allah, he will be considered to be an enemy”. (Tibri)

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