The night of emigration (hijrat) the mother-land and unique sacrifices of Hazrat Ali AlahisSalam.

Shab-e-Hijarat was that historical night which introduces Nabi Pak ﷺ life at Medina. The Medani life of Huzurﷺ was the period of strengthening the foundation of Islam, its spread, appreciation and the handing over of Islam through generations. The pious service of two gentries was very much effective and impressive during that night. One of them was Hazrat Saiyedna Abu Bakr Siddiqu Radiallahu anhoo who had been stepping with Huzur-e Akramﷺ and obtaining the honour of being a friend of the cave. The other personality was Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam who lay down on the bed of Huzur-eAkram ﷺ, where there were many naked swords ready to slay Huzur-eAkramﷺ . They were waiting only for the dawn, for, that was the time fixed for the attack. The details of the above episode are given below.

Details: When the Quresh tortured the Prophetﷺ and his companions, he ordered all of them to leave forever towards Medina. Hence, except the victims, almost all of the people left for Medina. The non-believers of Mecca realized that the Muslims had escaped from their hands, settled very firmly in Medina, Islam was slowly but steadily being spread, and the Muslims were stronger and stronger day by day, they could feel the danger hat the Muslims would join together, would be well equipped with the irms and the armaments and would take the revenge. All the Quresh leaders assembled and gave deep thought to their future plan. In the end, it was decided that the Prophetﷺ should be slain before he reached Medina. To obtain this result, it was resolved that a person from each family should ather together, be well equipped with the arms and, encircle the Prophet’sﷺ

house during the night. As soon as it is morning, all the swords had to be showered on him and slay him. Hazrat Rasul-e-Akram ﷺ was made alert through a divine message from the Almighty that they should make a move from there. The Prophet’sﷺ is made Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam sleep on his bed so that the non-believers may not come to know about it. At the same time, he left for Medina in the company of Hazrat Abubakr Siddiqu Radiallahu anhoo.

It was a very delicate moment. Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was informed about the malicious intention of the non-believers. He was well aware that a tiny house of the Messenger ﷺwas in the grip of the Quresh warriors. It was encircled by the armed forces. Naked swords were dancing around the house. It was decided that no sooner was it morning, then, all of them would attack the Prophet’sﷺ pious bed. Hazrat Ali was ordered to sleep on Huzur’s ﷺ holy bed.

At that time, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was a youth of 23 years. It was time for him to enjoy life. That day, to sleep on the Prophet’sﷺ bed was a clear cut sacrifice of life. But, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam was very happily ready to sacrifice his life for his Master. This is the adventure for which there is no parallèl in the history of religion. The world of Allah also is wonder-struck with this type of selfsacrifice. The following description is quoted from (Tafsir-e-Salbi).

On the occasion of Hazrat Ali’s AlahisSalam sacrifice, the Almighty said to Hazrat Gabriel and Hazrat Mikail, “I have planted similarities between both of you; one is elder to the other. Is there anyone of you who would gift the life of his brother?” Both the powerful angels considered their lives to be very much lovable. On this, the Almighty Allah said, “I have planted similarities between Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib and the Prophet’sﷺ, today, Hazrat Ali AlaihisSalam is sleeping on the bed of the messenger, and he is ready to sacrifice his life for my messenger. Are both of you, not the sacrificer of life for your brother? Now, both of you go to the earth and give shelter to them so that the enemies cannot do anything.” Immediately after the order, both of the angels descended to the earth. For the whole night, Hazrat Gabriel was at the head-side, and Hazrat Mikail was at
the leg-side. On the tongue of Hazrat Gabriel, the words were, “O Ibne-Abu Talib, brave, brave! Allah, Almighty is proud of you.”

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