12th Ramadan Marks the Demise of Imam Al-‘Aidroos al-Akbar

12th Ramadan | Marks the Demise of Imam Al-‘Aidroos al-Akbar:

He’s known and titled as Chief of the Universal existence, An extensive blessing for all existence, Shaykh of ‘Aidroosi Order, Leader of the people of Shari’ah and Ultimate Truth, the Glory of the Day star, Reviver of the Extinct, From whom souls get drunk, Our Master, Al-Ghawth (the Mighty Succor), King of the Chiefs, al-Habeeb ‘Abdallah Al-‘Aidroos bin Abu Bakr As-Sakran (May Allah be pleased with him)

Imam Al-‘Aydaroos passed away while returning to Tarim from the town of Al-Shi’hr on 12th Ramadan 865 Hijri. There was confusion either to burry there itself or take away to Tarim, but the conclusion came and His blessed body was carried back to Tarim at ‘Asr of 12th Ramadan and reached Tarim on 14th Ramadan, where a huge part of the world including great Scholars, Sufi masters, Shuyukh and common people gathered and offered the Janazah prayer on him which was lead by his brother Shaykh ‘Ali bin AbuBakr As-Sakran and buried in the Zanbal Cemetery, and Shaykh ‘Ali bin AbuBakr also did the “Talqeen” and soon after it with a loud voice recited this verse:

غبتم فيا وحشة الدنيا بفقدكم فاليوم لاعوض عنكم ولا بدل

Translation: O’ People it’s a time of sorrow upon you, today who passed from you has no exchange nor can be compensated.

Later a dome was erected over his grave. He left behind four sons — Abu Bakr (Al-‘Adeni), ‘Alawi, Shaykh and Hussain — and four daughters — Ruqayyah, Khadijah, Umm Kulsum and Bahiyyah. From his progeny came forth many great Imams who carried and continued the name of “Al-‘Aidroos”, thus to distinguish him from his sons who came after him, he came to be called as “Al-‘Aidroos Al-Akbar”, as he was the first and the greatest to be known as Al-‘Aidroos.

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

Translation: To him we belong and to him shall we return.

May Allah give us the strongest of attachments to him, an attachment which benefits us in this life and the next and may reunite us with him in the next life. Aameen..!!

{ Kitab Al-Fadhl Al-Awfar. }

| Habeeb Sohail Al-Aidroos |

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