An Ego Definition for Those Who Want To Know The Enemy


Knowledge of our ego is the first step in our inner battle of self mastery. The bad character traits in the ego are our main roadblock to enlightenment, but how can we proceed to purify our selves of those traits without exact knowledge of what we are purifying?
The ego is our place holder in the material world, along with our body. It is actually not one, but a collection of personalities all claiming to be in charge. Each personality is in charge for a few moments, they make all kinds of decisions and plans, and then a new personality takes control of us and either finds those plans reasonable, or does not agree and refuses to carry them out. This explains why we start so many things and seldom finish them.
Multiple Personalities in Your Ego Definition
Each personality in the ego is a complete separate person, with its own likes, desires, and plans. If you observe your actions and behaviors you will find many of them to be incompatible. For example if you are trying to lose weight, sometimes you will have willpower and eat those veggies, sometimes you will refuse to restrict your food intake and will eat that cake. If you then remember your mental state when you took those incompatible actions, you will find that you were two different people when you made those decisions. The person that ate the veggies is not the same person who ate the cake.
So this is your ego definition, a collection of personalities each taking control for a few moments with the end result being we go nowhere in our lives and end up frustrated and depressed. There is hope, though, for those with an aim. If your aim is enlightenment or spiritual development, then you will find some of those personalities agreeable to your task, some neutral to it, and some hostile.
Much of your inner work in finding your ego definition will be in organizing these personalities into “I” and “X”. “I” will be all of the personalities friendly to your inner work. “X”, or in my case “Daud”, will be all personalities hostile or useless to your inner work that must be eliminated or suppressed.
How do we root these personalities out? The best way is to make a list on paper of all of your likes. You will find that your personalities are clustered around your different likes, especially when you like things that are not compatible with each other.
Follow These Four Steps to Map Out Your Ego Definition
1. Divide yourself into “I” and “(your name here)”.
2. Make a list of your likes, find personalities associated with the likes.
3. See which personalities belong to which category.
4. Try to remain as aware as possible of “I”, and do not be sympathetic with “x”, for that is no longer you.
Step 4 is where you get down to business, because you have already acquired good knowledge of your ego and begun the process of its purification by working on its negative character traits. When you have your main personalities categorized, you will have an ego definition that will serve as a roadmap for your spiritual progress, as you develop from a collection of different sub-egos to oneness. When you begin to use your ego definition to your benefit, you have a powerful tool on your quest to inner freedom.

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