Mawla_Ali_a.s_ko_bura_kehna_wale_ka_Iman_khatam ho jata hain

Due to Hypocracy of the Sunni Aalim and ulema  They declare that they Love Ahele Bait but from their acts specialy by falsely praising Marwan bin Hakam,Muawiya ,Yazeed bin muawiya lanati ,Hisham,Hajjaj,Mansur ,mamur Rashid etc  they Hurt feeling of Sadaat ekram.

Now in above video Allama Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir jelani clearly mention that in ruling period of  Banu Ummaya they use to (MazAllah) Condem Mawla Ali alahissalam.

As per Hadith e Noor  Mawla Ali’s noor is part of Holy Prophetﷺ so whosoever condem (MaazAllah) Mawla Ali directly (MaazAllah) Condem Our Holy Prophet and this act lead to reason of end of Iman inspite he/she perform namaj Hajj zakkat etc religious act but all will be waste.

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