27 rajab Shab e Meraj

*Sare la makan se talab hui*

*Sue muntaha wo chale Nabi*

*Koi had hai unke urooj ki*

*Balaghal Ula Be Kamaalehi*

“Wisdom Behind The Meeting Order of Prophets in Sky During Journey of Miraj”

On the first sky, Prophet (saw) met Adam (as), which symbolize him being driven out of the Makkah to Madina just like Adam (as) from Heaven to Earth due to his enmity with devil.

On the second sky, Prophet (saw) met the maternal cousins, Yahya (as) and Esa ibn Maryam (as), which tells the hate and enmity he will face from the jews of Madinah later on, just like Yahya (as) and Esa (as) faced from jews of Bani Israel.

On the third sky, Prophet (saw) met Yusuf (as), which indicates the wrongs that became means for his success and him forgiving everyone who tried to do him harm, just like Yusuf (as) did.

On the fourth sky, Prophet (saw) met Harun (as), which show people’s hate towards him, turning into extreme love in the end, just like what happened with Harun (as), so much so that Bani Israel started giving him more preference than Musa (as).

On the fifth sky, Prophet (saw) met Idris (as), which is an indication of Prophet (saw) gaining wisdom and sending letters across horizon to spread message of Islam, just like Idris (as) was blessed with wisdom and virtue of pen.

On the sixth sky, Prophet (saw) met Musa (as) which foreshadows him conquering Makkah and subduing those who mocked him, just like Musa (as) did with Pharoah and his supporters.

On the 7th [final] sky, Prophet (saw) met Ibrahim (as) who was leaning on the “Bayt Ma’mūr (a place where angels do Tawaf and it is parallel and of equal shape as Kaaba on earth)”, which is indication towards his state at the end of his apparent life in Hajj.

Reference 📗 : Summarized from “Ascension: A Journey Beyond Space & Time” by Sheikh Abdul Samad al Qadiri

*Baitul Mukaddas me moujud Mubarak Patthar Jannat ke pattharo me se hai (wo Patthar Dome of rock yani qubbat al-sakhra masjid ke andar hai yahi se Meraj sharif ka safar hua)*

Reference 📗 :- Ibn jawzi – Fadail Al Quds – 141

*On this day, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ saw Allah SWT*

_*Isrā’a and Mi’rāj which was a miraculous journey from Makkah to Jerusalem was not one miracle but a combination of hundreds of miracles. Rasūlullāh ‎ﷺ leading approx. 124000 Prophets in prayer and then him being the first to have ever seen Allāh (without modality nor encompassment) is the ultimate achievement of all creation.*_


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