Once our Saint while returning from Darbhanga as per his promise became the guest of Munshi Safdar Hussain Khan Saheb, Judge of Gorakhpur Mr.Syed sharfuddin High Court Judge was also with our Saint. One day after late afternoon prayer an Englishman of high status visited our Hayat-e-Waris

saint who received him with great warmth of feeling. The Englishman began to stare at Sarkar’s face keenly. After taking leave he once again returned that very night and addressing Sarkar Waris with great respect said, “I am keen to ask you what was your name?” Our Saint replied, “the same what I bear today. He said, “No! excuse me. I know too well at first your name was Jesus Christ. I would like to remind you to fulfil your promise to me. Otherwise you will be responsible for committing an innocent’s blood hearing this Mr. Sharfudding said, “gentleman your remarks and complaint need further elucidation.” The Englishman continued, “a year back on the twenty seventh of December I saw in a dream Jesus Christ embracing me and holding a comer portion of his coverlet said, “do not fear, we will give the same to you.” Our Christ had the same clothes what you are wearing, the same facial features like yours. From that time I am awaiting when my Christ would give the same cloth to me. Today after seeing you at the Railway Station I am convinced you are the same person for whom I have been waiting since the past fourteen months. You are the same person who broke the promise.”

Mr. Sharaf-ud-Deen asked our saint what he had to say and the reply was that the Englishman’s assumption of his likeness to Jesus Christ was presumptuous. Then Sharaf-udDeen reminded our Saint that the person in question was determined to forgo his life. This aroused the sympathy of our saint who gave his own tahband to the Englishman to warp around. Which he instantly did. Our saint then give him the name of Vilayat Shah and advised God, and never to stretch his hands before others. He further commanded him to go to Nepal, sit on any peak he liked and he would get the portion to which he is entitled.


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